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    Crime scenes and their investigators

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    What are two techniques that can be used to collect the bullet? Explain the techniques.
    In your own words, explain how you would collect and preserve both the bullet and the gun.
    What challenges can you see with regard to collecting projectile evidence? Explain.
    Can you think of any circumstance in which a lodged projectile cannot be retrieved? Why or why not?
    How should the firearm found on the scene of the crime be handled by the investigator? Explain.
    What dangers do you think exist with regard to evidence contamination? Explain.

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    What are two techniques that can be used to collect the bullet? Explain the techniques.
    Most all crimes scenes contain evidence that is required to be collected for exploration and future prosecution. It is imperative that proper techniques are used to collect evidence left at a crime scene. Without use of proper techniques, evidence can be lost, overlooked or contaminated. In addition, improper collection can lead to the evidence being ruled inadmissible at trial.

    One technique that can be used would be to photograph the bullets before evidence is collected. If one is able to photograph the bullets at its proper locations, if the bullets are subsequently removed, at least there will be photos of the bullets and possibly their distinguishing characteristics. Another technique would be to pick the bullets up using tweezers and place the bullets in a sealed collection bag or container. This way the bullets will be preserved so that one can examine them at a ...

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    There are circumstances to which a lodged projectile could not be retrieved. The evidence may be lodged into a part or crevice of the body that cannot be easily ascertained. However, there is a projectile retrieval system that specializes in removing bullets and fragments from special locations.