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Volatile vs. Non-Volatile Storage Systems use in Court

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Compare and contrast volatile storage systems with nonvolatile storage systems. Which type is better for use in court? Explain.

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The best system to use in a court proceeding would probably be the non-volatile system. Though this system runs slower than its counterpart, this system will hold large amounts of data and can be used with little to no power source connected. Once the system is up and running, there should be minimal concerns.

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A volatile storage system is computer memory that requires power to maintain the stored information. Volatile memory is considered primary storage that is directly connected with the computer and is usually directly connected to the processor. This type of memory is used for temporary storage and, at best, with long life batteries, semi-permanent storage devices. Most computers today use RAM-based read/write devices, which is a type of volatile storage system. This storage system will lose its ...

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