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    Historical development of police agencies and jurisdictions

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    Describe the historical development of police agencies and their jurisdiction. Describe local, state and federal law enforcement agencies.

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    The historical development of police agencies in America can be traced back to England - specifically Sir Robert Peele. Peele is known as the father of modern policing and his reforms to the night-watchmen of his time resulted in a turning point for policing. From Peele's bobbies evolved the London Metropolitan Police that was highly structured and focused on preventive crime tactics accentuated by patrolling neighborhoods. The earliest forms of policing in America were the constable's adapted by the settlers from their previous homeland. In the following century, three different forms emerged pertinent to whatever region the police were in. In the North, graft and political connections dictated police departments, while in the South police were used as slave patrols, and in the West the "posse" represented the extent ...

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