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    The Development of Police Psychology

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    In every profession, critical events occur that reveal the need for the development of a specialized field of study, a technique, or an intervention. By examining these events after they occur, you can discern what would have been helpful in either preventing these crises, or less importantly, intervening to de-escalate them. When laws are instituted, when funding is provided, or when organizations are created to bring forth awareness of potential problems, industries respond by providing services to address those problems or to adhere to legal mandates. That being said, over the years, events have occurred that indicate the value of using forensic psychology professionals to assist police professionals in their duties to police department administrators.

    Select two historical events that have impacted current police psychology. These incidents may include actual events, the development or change of laws, influential legal cases, or the development of relevant organizations.

    a description of two historical events that have impacted current police psychology. Then, analyze how each event impacts today's police psychology and why. Be specific and provide examples to illustrate your points.

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    Police Psychology: Events

    According to Corey and Honig (2008), "the delivery of psychological services to and on behalf of law enforcement agencies, their executives, and their employees is commonly referred to as police psychology. Over the nearly 100-year history of psychology's partnership with the law enforcement community, the field of police psychology has expanded dramatically." It began as a way to help select police officers fit for specific duties and now it has expanded to a diverse field of over 60 distinct services and competencies. What essentially is the reason behind this expansion? Over the years (WWH, n.d.) Law enforcement executives have come to recognize that, "repeated exposure to a difficult environment takes a toll on the human being. Further, they acknowledged that the unique culture of ...

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