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Policies and Procedures for Important Roles

Policies and procedures play an important role in modern security and law enforcement agencies. Describe 3 common policies that most security agencies incorporate and the benefit of having these policies "in place".

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Three common policies that most security agencies incorporate into their enforcement agencies include:

1. Probably one of the most important policy that an agency would incorporate is the prohibition against the use of illegal drugs and alcohol during the course of their duties. An officer should not utilize alcohol or drugs (other than a prescription that does not hinder their ability to function properly).

The benefit of having this policy in place is to ensure that the law enforcement officer on duty is coherent and can make sound decisions in the course of his/her daily activities. Security personnel are in place to protect the lives of others. If an officer was to consume alcohol or drug this could adversely affect the ability to protect the ...

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The policies and procedures for important roles are determined. The benefits of having these policies "in place" are determined.