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Steps of Electronic Forensic Analysis

Describe the steps that analysts must follow in order to prepare for an electronic forensic analysis. How do analysts ensure results are from evidence and not from contamination or error? Explain each step in detail.

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Electronic forensic analysis, also known as computer forensics, is a branch of digital forensic science that indulges in data recovery. This type of science encompasses legal evidence found in computers and digitally storage media. The goal of this analysis is to identify, preserve, recover, analyze and present facts and opinions regarding the retrieve information. Computer forensics is used for criminal and civil cases. This type of evidence has been used in several high profile cases and is relatively accepted in the United States and Europe.
There are classically six stages in a computer forensic investigation. These steps assist in the production of ...

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A computer forensic expert should safeguard the evidence against any damage which includes no new computer viruses are applied to the existing evidence, and proper chain of custody is maintained at all times throughout the investigation.