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Police Organizations Questions on morality and ethics

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Why is it important for the "police to police themselves?"
What is the process to report police misconduct to the police?
What is the internal affairs process for your specific agency?
In what ways have these processes and procedures been impacted by police actions that were illegal or had constitutional implications? Cite news reports on such cases and evaluate the impact of those cases.

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This solution provides impetus for why police must adhere to ethical standards and moral practices as well as institute internal safeguards such as investigations and internal affairs for "policing" the police.

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Why is it important for the "police to police themselves?"

Police must ensure that no violations are occurring regarding the constitutional rights of citizens. Police are not above the law, and if they did not ensure that measures were in place to prevent corruption, abuse, and other actions that are illegal or immoral then the police would represent a criminal organization themselves. Therefore, when bad officers are suspected or brought to the attention of administration, it is imperative for officers to face criminal consequences and sanctions.

What is the process to report police misconduct to the police?

Reporting ...

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