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Justifying a Policing Budget

Your city has experienced a high degree of turnover in department heads. As a result, a number of new individuals have been hired, bringing together varying levels of experience. With the new fiscal year fast approaching, there are several pressing issues that must be addressed, such as budgets, crime, and other critical issues facing the city. The mayor wants to hold a workshop with all department heads to address these issues, as well as help develop long-range plans for the city council members to review and approve. As the chief, you must attend and represent your department. How will you persuade the mayor to continue increasing your fiscal budget and show your successes so far to back up these requests?

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The department head for the police agency must portray to the mayor the necessity for continued increases in fiscal budgetary appropriations and show the successes that have been made because of these appropriations. The objective for the department head will be to present a coherent and lucid presentation that includes power point slides as well as traceable figures that can be easily transferrable to laypersons. I would ensure that the mayor is aware of the new anti-car theft successes that have been made possible because of the use of new technologies that are extremely ...

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