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    Perspective of the Perpetrator: the Victim's Role

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    Analyze the role of the victim from the perspective of the perpetrator.

    To what extent was the victim responsible for the crime?
    How did the victim provoke the perpetrator?
    In addition, how could the victim(s) and their families have prevented being singled out as a target?
    Was the final sentence given to the perpetrator justifiable? Why or why not?

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    To what extent was the victim responsible for the crime?

    Attempting to assume the mindset of a deranged psychopath is difficult and only designated for professionals who study these abominations of human beings. The victim rarely has culpability for a crime such as murder. Some people may blame prostitutes for placing themselves in positions of easy exposure to killers who want victims that can remain anonymous. In these ...

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    This solution questions the extent that a victim's characteristics and activities play in their victimization by analyzing whether routine activities theory could facilitate the victim's own demise.