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Proactive Policing Tactics to combat crime

You are to speak to a community group about your police department and how they fight crime.

- Identify the proactive tactics available to the police.
- Analyze each tactic's purpose and effectiveness.
- Select a problem or issue in your community that should be addressed by the police and propose a specific tactic to address that problem or issue.
- Select three of the proactive tactics which would be most important to implement and explain why.

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The first proactive tactic that I would use is starting a community foot patrol wherein officers on foot patrol walk through the neighborhood establishing a visible presence with the community as well as to deter potential offenders. In addition, I would employ actual community patrols with designated members of the community serving as honorary police officials without guns and with explicit instructions to only report ...

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This solution provides students with an explanation of the available proactive tactics that can be employed to combat crime in different scenarios.