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Indicators of cybercrime

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is one of the leading agencies when responding to cybercrime. However, the FBI is still at risk just like any other agency or organization.

Discuss the signs or incidents that might notify someone that this type of crime is taking place. For example: Types of security signs or incidents:
- Unexplained CPU usage
- Crime of theft committed in a work area such as theft of pass codes
- Damage to or loss of important information
- Strange processes running

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This solution provides students with what companies and agencies should look for when attempting to prevent cybercrime.

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Types of security signs or incidents can range from overt actions against a computer to covert intrusions. Different signs exist for different incidents of cybercrime, including the direct observation of crime or theft committed in the work area by person(s) assessing data without authorization. Items stolen such as theft of pass codes or from any physical or electronic location in the work area can also be directly ...

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