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An Eye for an Eye

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Select a country that has a criminal system different than the United States and do some research on how that particular county handles crime and criminals (i.e. Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Nigeria, etc). Discuss how that country handles such matter and contrast it by discussing in detail how the United States would handle a similar matter both in terms of preliminary matters and in terms of sentencing and appeals.

You should use outside research, make sure that you properly cite your sources, and use examples as appropriate.

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The solution discusses how Saudi Arabia's criminal system differs from the United States.

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The Rights of the Accused in Saudi Criminal Procedure: digitalcommons.lmu.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi retrieved from GOOGLE.

When discussing criminal law in Muslim societies such as Saudi Arabia, students must be cognizant of the fact that there exist no delineation between religion and state. Therefore, the Koran serves as the basis for criminal law as opposed to only a moral guide for life. This is primary difference between Muslim countries and Western nations where separation between church and state is paramount. Therefore, when analyzing the Sharia law that is used in Saudi Arabia it is imperative to recognize the outline of their system, which is not judicial but rather religious law based upon the Koran.

Under this system three types of crime exist including hadd, qisas, and ta'azir. Hadd is defined crimes, qisas are retaliation crimes, and ta'azir crimes are discretionary crimes. Hadd crimes ...

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