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    Uses one pair of eyes as a polarization detector

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    Part 1

    Experiments show that the ground spider Drassodes cupreus uses one of its several pairs of eyes as a polarization detector. In fact, the two eyes in this pair have polarization directions that are at right angles to one another. Suppose linearly polarized light with an intensity of 844 W/m2 shines from the sky onto the spider, and that the intensity transmitted by one of the polarizing eyes is 169 W/m2. For this eye, what is the angle between the polarization direction of the eye and the polarization direction of the incident light?

    Part 2

    What is the intensity transmitted by the other polarizing eye?

    Please solve and explain problem.

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    Let I is the intensity which transmitting and Io is the initial intensity , f rom malus law ...

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    The expert examines the use for one pair of eyes as a polarization detector. The incident light is examined for the eye.