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Planning and Threat Assessment

Your client is a man in his 40s. He is confined to a wheelchair and requires attendance by a nurse 7 days a week due to respiratory and other medical conditions. He is a high-profile, outspoken, and controversial white supremacist; many people hate him.

He has been scheduled to appear in court in his home city, Los Angeles, as a defendant to answer charges involving murder and violating civil rights. He is currently free on a $1 million bond; the local police are not providing any protection.

In recent months, the city has been terrorized by a series of related homicides of white supremacist followers and the brutal beating of the client's assistant. The media have speculated that several victims have been linked to your client and the police suspect a rival white supremacist group is vying for political power in the movement. The police, however, have no direct evidence of that theory.

In attendance at the courthouse will be news organizations, fundamentalist religious groups, white supremacist groups, and civil rights groups, all picketing what promises to be a emotional trial.

Security at the client's estate has been increased because of threats on his life, but your client likes to speak his mind to everyone, especially the press. He plans to make a grand entrance and wants to meet with the press on the courthouse steps.

You are the head of a security detail of eight individuals for this day's work. You must plan the expedition from your client's home and back after the day in court, and security for the client's estate on the beach. The client's home is in Laguna Beach, about an hour's drive by freeway to the courthouse.

Planning and Threat assessment on what you would do for this client?

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FIRST AND FOREMOST, the person receiving the security doesn't get the opportunity to dictate how the security will be provided. Therefore, the notion that the "white supremacist" will be able to convey their own wishes in regard to how the detail will be employed on the courthouse steps will not be allowed. He is being provided protection by the state because of his extremist views that have made him a potential target by those who oppose his views as well as by rival extremist groups. Therefore, the security will be predicated upon ensuring that the LOWEST visibility possible is given to those who would wish to commit harm against the person who is going to answer charges of murder.

YOU have to first ...

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