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The Media and Political Views

Assume you were conducting an experiment on the media and political views. You would have one of the participants' watch CNN for a half hour a day for a week, another watch MSNBC, and the other to watch Fox News. Would their political beliefs skew the results of whether they would think it was liberal or conservative? Do you believe the viewing patterns of the subjects would change their political orientations at all? How might watching a TV show with an opposite viewpoint strengthen someone's political beliefs?

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This would definitely, without a doubt, skew the results. We're talking about opposite ends of the spectrum. We're going to use the current president in this discussion to illustrate the point. CNN and MSNBC are very liberal news stations. They support 99.9% of the president's actions and decisions. As a liberal station, they support the democrat philosophies and policies, and we have a democratic president. If the same viewer turns on Fox News, the stories drastically change. Fox News is a very Republican station -- they're not afraid to call the president out on his actions. With liberal ...

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This solution explains how media interacts with political viewpoints. I discuss if viewing patterns of the subjects would change political orientations at all, and how watching certain TV shows with opposite political viewpoints would strengthen someone's political beliefs.