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Crime and delinquency

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1. Maddan, Walker, and Miller reference studies from the 1950s when they say that "the Gluecks concluded that there is no combination of physical traits and sociological traits which could predict delinquency in an individual." How do such findings support the position of Maddan et al.?

2. What does Barry mean when he says that perhaps it is time for the CIA to be directed by "a professional with a set term that doesn't coincide with presidential elections"? How worthy an idea do you believe this to be?

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The expert examines crime and delinquency. What Barry means when he says its time for the CIA to be directed by "a professional with a set term".

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1. This is an accurate portrayal of the lack of evidence supporting some who would propose to use physical traits that typically emanate from racist ideologies or social stigmas to classify certain groups as more prone to criminality. No such evidence exists wherein a person's future criminality can be predicted by the area they live in or the physical characteristics they have in common with others from their racial or ethnic group that have committed crimes. Crime is relative to the laws of nature wherein people make individual decisions ...

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