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Completing an Annotated Bibliography

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Hi, I need assistance with the following task. I was thinking I would do it on the subject of transitioning back to life after being in prison, but if you come up with a different example that is fine.

Task: The description of your topic should not only identify your topic in general, but identify some particular aspect about the topic that you will examine. The topic proposal should be typed, double-spaced and include a list of 3 possible academic sources that may be used in the final bibliography. The annotated bibliography should include at least 10 academic studies/articles and the bibliography should be in the proper APA format. Each annotation should be at least 150 words, but no more than 250 words. The annotation should include some combination of a brief summary and an evaluation of the source.

1700 word essay with references

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1. In this article the author describes the correlation between the high unemployment rate and these odds being against inmates currently being released from the correctional system. Additionally, the article provides some varied statistics in that more than 6 million inmates currently reside in the United States and an additional 600,000 are added every year. In order to create recidivism in our current parole system the author reviews different ex-offender programs that provide inmates with a second chance such as a Chicago based paper company and Felony Franks. All around the United States there are non-profit organizations such as Project Reentry in North Carolina that provides assistance and counseling for former inmates to assist them readjusting to life within the community. The author also outlines how 67 percent of ex-offenders will return to prison within three years and 89 percent of those who violate terms of their parole are unemployed at the time. Essentially, the author explains the importance of reform within our correctional system to assist with recidivism.

Brooks, Chad (2011). "Life After Prison: Would You Hire an Ex-Con?". Retrieved from http://www.businessnewsdaily.com/1140-hiring-ex-cons.html on 3 November 2012.

2. In this article the author reviews issues and concerns that often affect prisoners after their sentence. The author provides a brief oversight in how prison has taken many different forms and can be traced to Greek times. Additionally, those who've committed crimes against society are essentially affected in the long term, in that they face challenges adapting to society because they've lived by the inmate code for so long. The reader is provided with different terms that are often used in civilian terms and it's correlation within the prison system. As the article continues the author provides different tips for inmates that have been released that include, but are not limited to, having a sense of humor, professionalism, and creating a sound circle in order to assist with this transition.

Libcom.org (2006). "Prison Survival - Before and After". Retrieved from www.libcom.org on 3 November 2012.

3. In this article the author provides the reader with some very insightful figures as it relates to the number of individuals currently incarcerated in our correctional system. In addition to these figures he provides the correlation between those incarcerated and the process they often go through as they transition back to the community. Some of the key findings he provides are the need for these inmates to find employment in order to survive. There's an overview provided to the reader that explains the transitional jobs programs have substantially increased employment early by providing jobs to many who would not otherwise have worked. More so, he explains how non-profit organizations such as, The Joyce Foundation's Transitional Jobs Reentry Demonstration, assisted in this ...

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In this essay we review annotated bibliography in regards to life after being in prison. There are 10 academic studies with narratives. The focal point of this essay is on adult inmates and not that of juvenile.

1700 word essay with reference.