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Durkheim: Crime is "Normal"

1) What does Durkheim mean when he says that crime is "normal"?

2) Identify at least two ways in which this observation is linked with his overall view.

3) In recent years dozens of students have been shot and killed or injured by other students, some as young as 11. How do you think Durkheim and Moynihan would analyze this child-murderer phenomenon? How would you analyze it?

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1) Durkheim means that crime is and has been present throughout history, linked to whatever social conditions facilitate and create criminals making criminal behavior normal as opposed to a pathological issue in society. Under this terminology crime represents a normal cultural category that includes deviant behavior as defined by current general sentiment toward this behavior.

2) Two issues I will illustrate in reference to this premise are drugs and statutory rape. These two "crimes" were not considered criminal acts even leading up to the early 20th century. It was not uncommon for drugs such as ...

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