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Health Care Management

Environmental Factors and Genetic Impacting Diabetes

Discuss the ethical issues and policy involved in genetic testing and genetic counseling to the following case scenario: A 25 year old male is applying for a first time full time job which offers health insurance. He has a family history of diabetes. The health insurance company contracted with the employer is asking him to

Barriers in managed care are exemplified.

Discuss the barriers that the risk manager faces in the establishment of managed care. What is the manager's duty regarding these barriers? What are managed care organizations and why are they necessary?

Professional nurses' association

Conduct a Web search of three professional nurses' associations and describe how each organization defines its respective role at local, state, and national levels. In the response, answer all of the following questions regarding the organization selected: 1. Identify the organization and its Web site. 2. What are some ex

Challenges Faced by a Health Care Organization (Betty Case Study)

Betty's Emergency Room Visit Betty is a 64-year-old woman who reported to the emergency room of her local hospital on a Friday evening after falling down 10 stairs. It was determined that she had a distal fracture of the right wrist, and an orthopedic resident responded within 2 hours. Betty was instructed to call the ort

Nursing shortage is summarized.

Defining the problem - Why is their a nursing shortage? A. Rate of Nursing Turnover: 1.Why is it so high? 2.Why are people declining to enter the nursing profession? 3.How can we decrease the Nursing shortage? How can we retain the nurses already in the feild? 4.Impact this shortage has on the community, patients and ot

Managment in health care is discussed.

Why is risk management important in organizations? What benefits are gained by implementing a risk-management program? Describe challenges you see in obtaining buy-in and support from staff. What are the barriers to implementing a risk-management program? What would you recommend to help overcome these barriers?

Baby boomers are assessed.

> Baby boomers are a lot better off than the generation before them, because of increased technology, medical findings, and cures. People are now living longer than ever before, because they are better educated in general about health, and more prosperous. > This generation of medicare individuals do however have some issues

Managers in Healthcare The article discusses four essential competencies needed by healthcare managers and leaders to bring about organizational growth: conceptual, participation, interpersonal, and leadership. Based on the article, how do the above compet

Define capital cycle.

What is meant by a "Capital Cycle?" What are some key factors influencing the Capital Cycle of healthcare organizations over the course of a year?

6 major objectives of Financial Management in healthcare are identified,

6 major objectives of Financial Management. 1. To generate a reasonable net income (difference between collected revenues and expenses) by investing in assets and putting the assets to work. 2. To respond to the myriad regulations in a timely and cost-effective manner. 3. To facilitate the organizationâ??s relationship

Analyze healthcare professionals' insurance services.

Using a search engine, research a couple of websites for information regarding healthcare professionals' insurance services and medical malpractice insurance. Summarize your findings. Also, locate the Healthcare Providers Service Organization (HPSO) website. Locate the section regarding Allied Healthcare Professionals Insurance

Financial Management in Managed Care

If you are hired as a consultant to a major health insurance company or a medical service company, what are the ways to reduce payments for healthcare benefits?

Healthcare Finance

Why is it so important for healthcare organizations to budget in a strategic manner? As a hospital CFO, what would be some of your most important considerations as you prepare your organizationâ??s operating budget for the fiscal year?

Summarize Spaethe's argument.

Use the following article and address the questions below: Interview with Ronald G. Spaeth, FACHE, president, Evanston Northwestern Healthcare Foundation, Northbrook, Illinois, which can be found online at: 1. Summarize Spaeth's work and educational background and the award highlighted

Future trends are inferred.

One of the aspects of being visionary is looking at trends and being able to project your organization into the future. As a leader in health administration, how do you keep track of current (and future) trends affecting your organization? List three sources of such information and for each, identify one item of information ac

Contract Proposal Outline

You are a provider relation's director of an MCO. Prepare a contract proposal outline for a large medical group to consider. Be as specific as possible. Please cite resources.

cultural nursing standards

This solution comments on strategies that could be implemented where cultural nursing standards are not being met.

Medicare Coverage and Affordable Care Act impact on Medicare

1)What portion of the bill would Medicare cover for a participating 69 year old stroke patient who was 1) admitted to an acute facility for 10 days, transferred to a sub-acute rehabilitation facility for 30 days, then discharged to home with a prescription for Visiting Nurse (Home Health) Services 3 times a week for 30 days? 2)

Sex and Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspectives

What are the strengths and weaknesses of the public/private eyes�� thinking about women's and men's roles and power across cultures? What can you say about the roles and relative power of men and women in families and households? A global perspective on how women are treated both in the workplace, and in their own

Comparison piece on the health care reform act.

What is the purpose of the health care reform act? What are your thoughts about this act? Do you think it will solve the health care crisis or will it create more problems? What needs to change in order to make this act an success?

Medicaid and Affordable Care Act cost

1) How much will the The Affordable Care Act cost? How will cost be covered? What argument is made that this reform will reduce health care spending? 2) What are the current eligibility requirements for Medicaid in your home state? What will be the impact of The Affordable Care Act on your home stateâ??s Medicaid provisions


Medicare and Medicaid are two of the most commonly used government health insurance programs. Your boss has asked you to do some research on both programs so the information you compile can be used to help train new hires in your department. details the basic information on Medicare and Medicaid programs in the United Stat

Changes in nursing

Many changes have occurred within the health care system over the past 10-15 years. Discuss how these changes have influenced the nature of nursing practice and the development of nursing theory.

Healthcare Accreditation and Quality

When we see all of the evidence on how healthcare is not working with the IOM reports and OIG report, what does that say about our accreditation processes? Is the accreditation process working? Accreditation is supposed to assure quality. Is it? If yes, how do you explain the IOM reports? If no, what do we need to do differ

Medical Office Procedures

There are many influences that take part in a medical assistant's decisions. Describes three situations where the actions of a medical assistant were influenced by laws and regulations related to the release of personal and medical information of a patient. Describes the relevant components of the medical record you expect th