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Health Care Management

Federal or state health care agency

Select and describe a federal or state health care agency. What is the individual provider, organizational, and community effect of the agency you selected? I need help with 200 to 300 words, please.

States Mandating Insurance Coverage versus Federally Funded Care

Should the states be in the business of mandating insurance coverage? Do these regulations make consumers better off or worse off? This is an opinion question. In this solution, I felt that the consumers would have a worse time of it if states had their own laws for coverage. This is a big point of contention in the US. U

The dominant health care practices of Jamaicans

â?¢ Describe the dominant health care practices of Jamaicans and any areas of conflict between the cultural group and the health care system along with the implications for nurses and the health care delivery system. â?¢ Analyze the usefulness of a cultural assessment theory and tool you for this assignment and describe i

Jamaican Culture Specific Health and Illness

Discuss specific health and illness needs of the Jamaicans. Use epidemiologic data to support this section along with data from your research on health problems of this cultural group. Discuss the management of health and illness needs. How does this cultural group manage their health and illness needs? How do they interact w

Three Major Concerns of Medical Care.

Students of health care administration need to understand the "three major concerns" of medical care. Great health care organizations and great health care systems address these three major concerns effectively and efficiently, but it is not easy. What are these three major concerns, and why is it so hard to get them all right a

Risk management plan summary

You have been asked by the hospital's Board of Director's to prepare a Risk Management Plan that will help to develop a culture of safety throughout Little Falls Hospital. The plan should address the National Patient Safety Goals and strategies to be implemented throughout the organization. Prepare a 750-word summary of the impo

The Use Of Medisoft In Health Care Offices

Today, most practices use Medisoft for their computers. Your boss has realized he is not up to date with the office's software, so he has asked you to describe Medisoft to see if this is what should be used. Guidelines: Answer the following questions: o What is Medisoft? o What are the uses of Medisoft? o How is it usef

Marketing for Health Care

What is your relationship with your target customer or patient? How would you evaluate the customer or patient in a new light from a marketing perspective?

Selection biases and the effects on HMOs

Please help with the following problem. Provide at least 300 words in the solution. Include a reference. Explain the problem presented by selection bias for research on the effects of HMOs.

Healthcare information systems

Give the description of 3 operating systems list below that can be used in health care delivery. Windows Unix Mac OS What are their advantage and disadvantage ? what benefits does one provide over the other? what are the pitfalls that a professional must be aware of?

select a healthcare organization

select a healthcare organization in Texas or anywhere For this assignment , identify and select an information or communication procedure in the organization that involves the communication and or sharing of information between departments. Describe the information exchange procedure and its purpose. Identify key Input

Immigrant population

What impact has an increased immigrant population had upon the health care system?

Pill option

Mrs. Siegal has two alternative activities to help relieve her backache. In the first, she can visit a physiotherapist. The total time for a physiotherapist visit, including travel and waiting, is two hours. Mrs. Siegal earns a wage of $20 an hour. Physiotherapists charge $50 per visit, and Mrs. Siegal does not have any health i

Select an information or communication procedure.

Choose any healthcare organization, identify and select an information or communication procedure in this organization that involves the communication and or sharing of information between departments. Describe the information exchange procedure and its purpose. Identify key Inputs, Processes and Outputs that are used in th

Disparities in Price Levels for Medication

Explain the disparities in price levels (and not mere poverty) that are key to accessing some drugs in the global markets. These disparities mean that a Tanzanian worker would have to earn 500 hours of wages to get a course of first-line tuberculosis treatment, compared with the one hour of wages necessary for a Swiss worker.

Record Types and Management

The office manager of the physician's office where you work has assembled a team to assess the pros and cons of moving from paper-based medical records to computer-based medical records. The office is considered a covered entity under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations. You are a member o

End of Life-medical ethical issues and dilemmas

There are a number of ethical issues in terms of health care. Immediately i think of abortion, but would like to research something different. What medical ethical issues or dilemmas might present today? Why is it considered as issue of ethics?

The Effects of Economic Forces in Healthcare

Discuss how economic forces in the marketplace affect the health care industry and health care management. Reference Nowicki, M. (2008), The Financial Management of Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations, (4th Edition), Chicago, IL: Health Administration Press

Decreasing Healthcare Disparities

The article Institute of Medicine. (2002, March). Unequal treatment: What healthcare providers need to know about racial and ethic disparities in healthcare. Retrieved November 27, 2008, from http://www.iom.edu/~/media/Files/Report%20Files/2003/Unequal-Treatment-Confronting-Racial-and-Ethnic-Disparities-in-Health-Care/Disparitie