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    Three Major Concerns of Medical Care.

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    Students of health care administration need to understand the "three major concerns" of medical care. Great health care organizations and great health care systems address these three major concerns effectively and efficiently, but it is not easy. What are these three major concerns, and why is it so hard to get them all right at the same time?

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    Dear Student,

    I suspect that several persons in health care, and especially, health care administration would argue that to limit the major concerns to just three would be a task, especially depending on which health care system or component of it you were addressing. However, the three concerns that I consider to be universal and all encompassing across contexts are
    1. Protection of patient information (confidentiality) and other ethical rights
    2. Access and provision of appropriate services (looking at equality and equity of systems and organizations)
    3. Efficiency in health care delivery (which is directly related to rising costs of health care)

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    This post considers some of the conflicts health care administrations face in providing medical care, highlighting three major concerns that present universal challenges in almost every health care setting. In addition to a citation that can be sourced for further reading, the response includes a fairly simple real-life example that illustrates how these major concerns of medical care can present conflict, making it difficult to adequately address all of them at the same time.