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Health Care Management

Health Care Management

1. For each of the functions of management (planning, organizing, staffing, directing, coordinating, and representing) please help provide an example of someone who has performed them well, and why have the been so sucsessful. 2. How does a health care organization develop and promote an ethical values-based culture? 3

Healthcare reform

Read about your State at and then discuss your thoughts regarding the need for health reform in your State. I live in FL, but not familar with all this.

Drug and Alcohol Assistance Policy

Could you please help with the following: Access the Arizona Board of Nursing Web site and refer to the resource tab. Review the drug and alcohol assistance policy. Be sure to specifically address: (1) What is the name of the assistant program? (2) What does the assistance program expect to accomplish (what are its

Health improvement

Hi, Please help with a summary of its content and list at least five additional resources one might use for further research regarding the topic. Could you help me with some suggestions? The topic is attached below. Thanks for your help!

Explain workforce shortages in healthcare

There are several different reasons for workforce shortages, such as the general aging of the population of health care workers that are retiring, more health care professionals going into less stressful professions, decreases in the number of applications to allied health education, etc. List the top three reasons you believe t

Health care industry and stakeholders' perspective of uninsured.

Businesses feel the consequences of the uninsured problem: Not only do health care costs reduce our nations ability to compete in the global market place, but also the loss of productivety due to inllness or injury is a concern of any business. 1)How do you evaluate the problem of the uninsured from a stakeholder perspective

Case study for health policy and law course

"Community Hospital" In January 2008, Susan Cromartie was admitted to Community Hospitalâ??s emergency room for treatment of an acute kidney stone. On admission, Susan gave the hospital her name and address and then was rushed to treatment. She was released 8 hours later. The hospital sent Susan a bill ($15,000, us

Pros and Cons of health tax credits

Hello BrainMass OTAs, I have three question that requires 2 pages . use the attached material to answer the following question. please cite any other source that may be used. Question: Summarize the arguments for implementing taxcredits. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the proposal? What recommendations

Access to health care.

Access to care has been identified as one of the main roadblocks from receiving health care. Present both sides of the following scenario: Ms. A has been living in the same neighborhood for 25 years, does not speak english, and can not drive, She worked years ago before she hurt her ack and has been on disability for sever

Community Clinic for the Uninsured

Over 43 million Americans do not have healthcare. The elderly, the disabled, the young, and the poor have health care coverage under government programs. The State of Illinois has recently created the Health Care for All Ilinois Act so that all residents can have equal health care. It is still in the rules committee waiting on

Health care reform

Could you please help with the following questions. There have been many issues regarding the need to reform the financing and payment system of health care. Many different ideas have been tried and have failed. a) How would you design a better health care system for the U.S. population? b) Who would control t

Eefine and develop or improve on an organization's capacity utilization plan

The most critical issues in a capacity utilization plan must take into consideration facility beds available, laboratory (and its associated costs), facility resources, and the radiology department; to name a few. These are some of the more critical aspects within the healthcare facility that affect the bottom line as well as t

Intra and Interorganizational Coordination Parallels

Please help me with the following question: Distinguish between intra- and interorganizational coordination in health care organizations. What are the key mechanisms available to managers to achieve each type of coordination?

Describe the health care organization's service strategy.

Complete the following portions of your strategic plan: * Describe the health care organization's service strategy. Include strategies to create a healing environment within your organization that affects patients, visitors, and employees. Be sure to address the following: * How does your service strategy devel


Discuss the need and usefulness of hospital and physician professional liability (malpractice) insurance in the United States. Does the need for insurance add to or detract from the care that is given? PLEASE DO NOT USE WIKIPEDIA/ENCARTA/WORLD BOOK IF CITING REFERENCES

Funding measures overview

You are a member of a presidential commission appointed to consider a mandatory national health insurance plan, and the question of how to fund the plan is being discussed. Specifically, three separate options are being considered to generate an average of $4,000 per worker: a flat mandatory premium, a doubling of the current

History of Health Information Systems

Need Help getting started, thanks. Identify three trends and factors you believe have the most significant influence on today's health information systems and explain why. Identify what health care disciplines might be affected by the trend/s factors you select? Define health informatics and describe the purpose of

Difference between ICD 9 and ICD 10 and the purpose of the system

What is the purpose of this system (currently referred to as ICD-10) is and what it covers. Using the resources available to you to include the components of the system (the volumes included as part of ICD-10) as well as the differences from the ICD-9-CM system.

Medical records

You need to obtain the hospitalization records for a patient, describe the relevant componenets of the medical record that you expect the family physciain will want to see, I need to show a squenced overview of what documentation would be expected to see on these components

Answer the following Sherman Antitrust Act application question

State Capital, in the state of Anywhere, has three hospitals. You are the Chief Operating Officer of Best Medical Center, which is affiliated with the state's tertiary care center and teaching hospital 60 miles away. Although not the largest hospital in State Capital, it does offer a variety of specialty and boutique services an

Investigative Study of Existing Healthcare Technologies

Review current ICT technologies used in the existing online healthcare systems; Refer to appropriate journal articles; analyse the advantages of online healthcare systems; identify the problems or issues of online healthcare systems; explore one scenario (or disease condition) for an online support system that you are going