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Health Care Management

Homeless Families: Disparity in Health Care delivery

Teaching plan to affect change and create awareness of the homeless families in hospital setting to the realities of health disparities and the barriers to health care that challenge wellness interventions. The goal is to identify barriers in the workplace that impede understanding of vulnerable populations and thus impact the d

Implementation of Organizational Change

This solution is for a graduate level Healthcare organizational course. Please identify and discuss some of the pros and cons of conflict in the implementation of organizational change.

Political Competence and Corporate Citizenship

Senior executives from a variety of organizations are often called to testify about health policy issues. It is in the organization's best interest if these executives are both politically competent and good corporate citizens. 1. In general terms, what knowledge, skills, and individual behaviors must an executive have to be

Healthcare Economics - Shift from Inpatient Services to Outpatient Services

Over time many procedures have shifted from inpatient services to outpatient services. This shift has gone far enough to prompt CMS to define certain procedures as inpatient only under the APC classification process. What's an example of a shift from inpatient to outpatient services and how this process affect healthcare? Doe

Microeconomics vs Macroeconomics

Microeconomics is "the study of the operations of the components of a national economy, such as individual firms, households, and consumers." ( Macroeconomics is "the study of the overall aspects and workings of a national economy, such as income, output, and the interrela

Draft a statement of patient rights and responsibilities

The Strategic Planning Committee has approached you, as the Medical Compliance Coordinator, to draft a statement of patient rights and responsibilities. 1. Propose a list of bulleted rights and responsibilities, along with a rationale for them. 2. Be sure that the rights and responsibilities you list are consistent wit

Quality Culture

Explain why it is important to establish a quality culture within a healthcare organization. How might a quality manager utilize process improvement data management tools to bring about positive change?

Health care costs are noted.

If loans, emergency financial assistant, and even on-going subsidization are provided in other industries, then why not make these available to hospitals? Ideas are generated to validate.

Health Policymaking

Visit the congressional website that documents the hearing, "Strengthening and Improving Medicare" ( the name of one witness, Susan Rawlings, (see the section "Witness List & Prepared Testimony"). Post a summary of that witness's testimony

Quality Care Improvements

Why is it important to take a systematic approach to improving quality care? What issues should be addressed to bring positive change to the improvement process?

Diabetes Workshop - Community Assessment

You have been asked to present a diabetes workshop at your local community center. How will a community assessment aid in the development of this workshop? Support your answer.

Literacy - Low literacy leads to health problems

Employee Benefit News had an article titled "Low literacy leads to health problems". In the article the U.S. Surgeon General is quoted as saying "health literacy can save lives, save money and improve the health..." Have you ever considered literacy a health issue? This is an area beyond having a different language! What abo

Identify three sources or entities that govern medical record management

Identify three sources or entities that govern medical record management. Briefly discuss what some of the requirements are of these identified sources. Briefly discuss how this information can assist a healthcare manager in your current healthcare organization or other prospective healthcare organization.

Analyzing a case study is achieved.

Facility: Any healthcare setting Issue: Physicians, patients, and staff are complaining that because of a scheduling system, 'wait time' is extremely long. The new CEO encourages staff throughout the organization to be innovative and experimental. She views this as a means to empower staff. The supervisor of one of the depa

Develop a Study Problem, Purpose and Questions

Develop a Study Problem, Purpose and Questions A regional hospital is redefining the focus of a diabetic clinic with the purpose of emphasizing health promotion and prevention. Family programs will include aspects or dimensions as outlined above. Choose one of the dimensions of wellness (in the above list) and identify a

Case in Healthcare Management: "The Drill Sergeant" The Drill Sergeant is a case study that describes a situation whereby a manager learns casually that a newly appointed supervisor for a weekend shift is not well-received by staff.

Case in Healthcare Management: "The Drill Sergeant" The Drill Sergeant is a case study that describes a situation whereby a manager learns casually that a newly appointed supervisor for a weekend shift is not well-received by staff. The manager discusses this with weekend staff one by one to confirm the casual report. The c

Performance Management Project

I have chosen a Managed Care Group, for Example LaVida Medical Group. I am having a problem finding information on # 3 and # 8. I am done with the rest. If you get some ideas, that will be helpful. Performance Management Project Requirements Select a health care organization and write a plan for what you consider to be an

Payment Systems

How has the country's payment systems in history embraced the health economics picture?

Healthcare Safety Net

What is unique in a healthcare safety net which makes conventional economic principles not applicable?

Quality Assurance

Has the movement towards Quality Assurance in healthcare brought about standards in methods and practices?

Specialization Project

The potential impact that the underserved patients have on a healthcare organization's: a.Staff levels, particularly skilled nursing and other health professionals. b.Human resource management and development. c.Technology advancements. d.Organizational restructuring. e.Financial solvency. f.Development of community hea