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Health Care Management

Analysis of budgets in health care

When analyzing an expense report of a general medical floor in a hospital what are some benchmarking techniques that can be used to avoid budget variences and those that might improve budget accuracy in future forecasts.

HR director in a health care

You are the newly hired HR director in a health care facility that employs 1000 workers. The majority are direct patient care workers, but of course there are ancillary workers as well. You build the scenario from here, stating where you are located, the resources you have to do your job, and after providing that information.

Standards of Heathcare

Identify and discuss the standards by which a health care system may be evaluated Apply the standards of evaluation in comparing and contrasting the U.S. and Canadian system Apply the standards of evaluation in evaluating personal coverage Please cite sources.


Read the following scenario. You have registered as a patient at the Norwalk Walk-In Clinic. You observe the following. The registration sheet, which you signed, lists all of the names of the people who have registered that day. It is left on the counter of the registration table. Once you have signed in, you are immediately

Human resource management

How can human resource management provide a return on investment in health care?What actions can you take to promote and manage your own career?


-Under what specific circumstances would you consider it to be appropriate to incorporate pay for performance in health care? -State one advantage and one disadvantage of utilizing pay surveys to address salaries offered to employees.

Dealing with unauthorized access to private information

There are many ways that confidentiality, privacy, and respect can be violated on campus and in practice. It can be as simple as faculty having a conversation about a student , or interns discussing a patient, that is overheard. It can also be complicated. For instance, electronic storage of patient files that are stolen and sol

Unionization within health care is debated.

Explain why it appears that unionization within health care is increasing while union membership in the total work force continues to decline. Why are unions targeting heath care?

"Intelligent Healthcare Organization."

I need help with the following questions. Any insight would be great. 1. What does it mean for a health care organization to be an "Intelligent Healthcare Organization." 2. What are five essential parameters/components? Why? 3. Which of these is the single most important to achieving Intelligent Healthcare Organiza

Discuss the top three most significant trends/issues in managed care today

I need help with the following. I am having trouble finding resources so as much info as you can get would be great. "Analyze and evaluate what you believe to be the top three most significant trends/issues in managed care today. Justify, providing explanations for your three choices". Thank you.

Help with discussion questions

Should there be caps on medical malpractice damages allowed in litigation? Should the government payer of healthcare have its costs paid for medical treatment set at the average of the medical fees paid by private insurance?

Public health assessment

What are the most important factors in the successful development and management of public health assessment activities, including leadership?

Describe Medicaid, what it is, who covers and how it gets paid

Medicaid is one of the major forms of government insurance programs in the United States. Using the resources available for this unit and any other resources you may find, discuss the characteristics of the Medicaid program. Your answer should include information such as (but not limited to) the following: ? the purpose of the

Describe what is Medicare-managed care plan, its advantages or disadvantages.

Medicare is one of the most widely used government insurance programs. Many individuals who are eligible for Medicare choose to enroll in a Medicare-managed care plan. Discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of enrolling in a Medicare-managed care plan. When eligible, would you choose to enroll in a plan? If yes, why wo

Healthcare and Intellectual Properties are they important? and if so why?

Think of two common, current health care firms with which you are familiar. What types of intellectual properties do you think they own? What factors do you think they considered in determining what their intellectual property is and how that may affect their firm and other firms in the health care industry?

Planning and time management

Describe the relationships between an organization's mission statement, vision, values, strategies, goals, objectives, and action plans. What are the implications for management of the statement, "the population of the U.S. is growing, graying, and diversifying?" What issues should the manager consider when preparing cap

Medical record information

Writing a paper on the pros and cons of moving medical information from paper to a computer based system. Need help discussing HIPPA privacy and security rules and how they could impact a transition from paper to the computer based system. Looking for good website and direction to help discuss the pros and cons.

Twenty questions on managed care and integrated organizations, long term care, health services for special populations, cost, access and quality and health policy are answered in a simple way.

Imagine you are sharing Sunday dinner with your extended family. Over dinner, the discussion turns to health care.... Managed Care and Integrated Organizations 1. Grandpa has heard about this new-fangled expression, managed care. Explain managed care to him in terms that he can understand. 2. Grandpa also wants to kno


Assignment 2: Stereotyping Read all parts (1 to 7) of the article "Influence of Patients' Socioeconomic Status on Clinical Management Decisions: A Qualitative Study" at Use the following: Username: h3001 Password: h3001 If a physician's recommendations are influenced by t

The right to healthcare

React to the following assertion: "Managed Care is good for American Healthcare. Consider the following questions while reacting: What is the impact of managed care on providers of healthcare? How does it affect their freedom to make choices, their incomes, and job satisfaction? What is the impact of managed care on patients

Health assignment

Expert View Read all parts (1 to 7) of the article 'The American Healthcare "System" in 2005' at Use the following: Username: h3001 Password: h3001 Do you agree with the expert's opinion on the following points? No one is in charge of the U.S. healthcare system. Ther