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Health Care Management

Health care administrative agencies

We seem to live in fear of health care administrative agencies. Health care organizations cringe with the mention of governmental surveys, not to mention state and hospital sponsored surveys, such as JCAHO. Why should we even care about them?

HealthCare Reform Research.

1. What kind of universal health care systems are available? 2. Is universal healthcare an economically feasible option for the United States? 3. Will the implementation of a universal health care system affect the level and quality of care we receive?

Closing the gap on cultural competency

In order to decrease disparities of care to minorities or those that are of different cultural heritage, the medical profession needs to learn cultural competency. Access the Internet and find resources regarding cultural competency. Write a paper on your findings on cultural competency. Be sure to address the following: (1)

Workforce Shortages in Health Care

I) There were several different reasons listed for workforce shortages in healthcare. List the top three reasons you believe there is a shortage and write a 500-750-word essay detailing your reasons. Remember to specifically address the following in your reasoning: (1) Consider some short-term solutions. (2) Consider some

Health Care Bill and the Four Components of Heath Care

Four Components of Health Care Select a current health care bill that addresses one on the four components of health care and write a 1,000-1,250-word paper on its impact on health services in your community. Include the following: (1) Identify and summarize which component of health care the bill addresses. (2) Descri

Methods of Performance Evaluation

Please help with the following problem. Provide at least 200 words in the solution. You have been appointed to head the local division of a health care management organization. Your supervisor asks you to pick a method of evaluating the performance of the health care team. What method would you choose? What other methods co

Health Care in the Early 1960s - 21st Century

Read Stevens, Rosemary A. Health Care in the Early 1960s. Health Care Financing Review/ Winter 1996/Volume 18, Number 2, linked below: After reviewing the video clips and reading about healthcare in the 1960s, what do you think about the idea that technological and med

Distributive Justice

Mickey Mantle, arguably one of the greatest American athletes of all time was a recovering alcoholic. He was given a liver transplant with little chance of long term success. Do you think because of his stature as an athlete and American hero he deserved such treatment or should that organ have gone to another patient who could

Distributive Justice: Access,; Rationing; Futility

One of the most difficult dilemmas to resolve relates to the allocation of valuable, but scarce resources. Setting standards by which resources are allocated is not an easy task. Please discuss the case of Todd Krampitz of Houston, Texas who found an effective way to cut in line for an organ transplant. Your discussion of Mr.

Genetic discrimination (GINA) is explained.

With scientific breakthroughs come new, unanticipated dilemmas that force us to rethink how we view the world, our culture and each other. One good example comes from the genetic discoveries science has made in the past fifty years; we now live in an era when we can test tissue samples or blood and determine whether or not a per

Using TQM's methods in managed care

1. Using Total Quality Management(TQM ) as the basis to improve the in the performance of healthcare Organizations, what would be the expected impact on improved patient outcomes, higher levels of customer satisfaction, lower costs, etc., and list the critical success factors associated with implementing these programs in a hea

Self-exercise in Health care is featured.

Continuum of Care Select a component of the U.S. health care delivery system continuum. Examples include long term care, home care, in-patient care, out-patient care, mental health care, occupational health, school health, etc. Describing the health care delivery component's role in providing services and how it contributes t

Health reform in the Clinton era

Why was the Clinton administration not successful in implementing a national health care program? You may use any references but please do not just copy and paste from these references.

Healthcare Players in the Market

A) Distinguish between the concentration ratio and the herfindahi-hirschman index (HHI). What are the limitations of these measures within the context of the pharmaceutical industry? b) If the interest group theory applies to hospitals, why doesn't it also apply to nursing homes? Would a doctor-owned, for-profit hospital b

Diversity and Multiculturalism are highlighted.

You have been appointed to head the local division of a health care management organization. Do you think that it would be important to have a diverse work team in your unit? Why or why not? Would it be important to have a multicultural work team? Why or why not? Justify your rationale.

DRGs are briefly emphasized.

How do the Prospective Payment System of DRGs and managed care attempt to reduce overspending? Have these systems succeeded?

Community health programs

What might be two problems when developing community health programs that can lead to poor program evaluation?

Global economy and healthcare

What are two issues in a global economy that impact the scarcity of healthcare workers. List and briefly discuss two reasons why the globalization of healthcare is accelerating so quickly at this point in our history.


1. Identify and discuss health care reform initiatives that have been implemented in the past 2-5 years. 2. Identify and discuss health care reform initiatives that have are currently being considered.

Diagnosis: ICD-9 and CPT codes

What kind of problems can ensue from inaccuracies in the assignment of ICD-9 and CPT codes? How do such inaccuracies affect patient care and reimbursement?


1. List and describe 3 of the recommendations for health care reform from experts, interest groups, etc... 2. Discuss how President Barack Obama's plan/proposal fits (or does not fit) with the recommendations.

State of California health department

1. Find the Web site for California's health department. 2. Summarize eligibility criteria for the Medicaid program in your state of residence. 3. Describe your State's Children's Health Insurance Program (S-CHIP). What is it called? Who is eligible? What services are covered?

Medicare and Medicaid

Comparison between Medicare and Medicade and how has Medicare evolved to accommodate the changing needs of society? What is the consensus about the future of Medicare?

Leadership traits

What is the impact of different leadership traits and styles in today's healthcare organization?