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State Allocation Decisions: Centralize or Decentralize

Attached is a case study that I am having difficulty with in Managing and Health Services Organization and Systems. The case study is short and has 4 questions please help me with answers. The case study is attached-Case study 4 State Allocation Decisions- Centralize or Decentralize.

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With the Ohio system, allowing each county or location to establish its own bookkeeping procedures and policies is risky. A lack of oversight means that a system that is faulty may not be discovered for years. In addition, a system that is not uniform makes it difficult for the department, at the state level, to be transparent, in terms of accountability. This may make securing funding difficulty, when each location has its own way of accounting for how funds are spent.

2. Home builders and restaurants may prefer a system in which the state determines the fees, to prevent smaller organizations from being assessed fees that may be ...

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