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The Organizational Structure of a Healthcare Organization

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Provide (attach) the organizational structure of a health care organization. Provide a brief description of the organization. Describe why you believe the structure is effective for the organization and suggest changes for improvement.

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In order to answer this question, consider some of the categories of which organizations are classified as for structure. Secondly, consider what qualifies as effective for that organization? From there, improvements become self-evident.

So let's consider different structures. In general, most organizations are looked upon as being vertically divided for labor or horizontally divided. This refers to whether an organization relies heavily on a well-established chain of command (vertical) where a person clearly reports to another person and that person reports to someone higher, or where practically everyone reports to just one or two people but are otherwise equal in their decision-making responsibilities (horizontal).

So which is more effective? That depends on ...

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The organizational structure of a healthcare organization is determined.

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