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    Create a strategy for a new health organization in which you serve in a leadership position. Use APA formatting (use citation and references)

    ? Write a brief summary about the function of the organization. What is the purpose for this organization? What population does this organization serve?
    ? What governing body structure would best suit this organization?
    ? Produce a mission and vision statement for this organization.
    ? Describe the culture (norms, values, beliefs, and behaviors) you want to develop in order to fulfill the mission and lead the organization to higher levels of performance.
    ? How would you nurture the culture as a leader?
    ? How would you encourage middle managers to advocate the culture?
    ? How would you promote employee support of the culture?
    ? Create a plan for monitoring the development of the organizational culture. If, as the culture developed, it deviated from the mission and vision you foresaw,
    a) What steps would you take to encourage the organization to get back on track?
    b) How can you determine that the culture the organization naturally developed is not better for the organization than the one the leadership foresaw?
    ? Design an organizational chart that illustrates the structure of the organization. Be sure to describe the roles and functions of the essential positions.
    ? Be sure to support your points with appropriate references to the literature.

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    // Before writing about the purpose of the healthcare organization and the population it serves, it is essential to have knowledge about the functions of the organization. One should know about the functional areas in which the organization operates, in order to assess the purpose of the organization. //

    Functions of the healthcare organization

    New healthcare organization performs various functions that are helpful to attain the stated goals and objectives. These are as follows:

    Provide quality medication services to the society: The organization provides quality medication services to the society, in order to meet their needs regarding the health problems. It provides timely treatment to the patients for their specific health problems.
    Develop coordination between the staff members and management for effective functioning: Healthcare organization also performs the function of developing coordination among the staff members and the management.

    Address the major difficulties people face in terms of their health: Major difficulties faced by people in managing their health are also addressed by the organization by applying some specific healthcare tools (Luthans, 1998).

    Fulfill the requirements of all stakeholders directly or indirectly: Stakeholders are the key players for a healthcare organization as they determine the success or failure of the organization. So, the healthcare organization fulfills the unmet needs of all the stakeholders effectively.
    Determine the organizational policies: Organizational policies also form a considerable part of the operational efficiency. Healthcare organizations determine the policies carefully.

    Establish and maintain technical & administrative services: The healthcare organization also establishes and maintains technical, as well as, administrative services for the proper functioning of the organization.
    Encourage collaboration among the professional and scientific groups: Healthcare organization also encourages collaboration among the professional and scientific groups, which further supports progress in health.

    Encourage and perform research in the field of health: The healthcare organizations also encourage research in the field of healthy living to explore new methods or ways of curing a particular disease (Shi, 2006).

    Standardize diagnostic procedures: Task of standardizing the diagnostic procedures is also performed by the organization.
    // We discussed above the functions performed by the healthcare organization. Now, moving to the next section, explanation about their purpose and the population served by the healthcare organization is to be discussed, followed by the explanation about the most suitable governing body. //

    Purpose of healthcare organization

    The primary purpose of the healthcare organization is to promote quality health among the people by addressing their unmet health needs. To ensure that the people are attaining the highest level of health with the help of healthcare services is the main aim of the organization.


    The organization serves all the community people regarding the healthcare services.

    Governing body

    Governing body performs various functions for the healthcare organization which are significant for its goal attainment. It is responsible for the management of healthcare functions and operations, so it is essential for the healthcare organization to select the governing body in an effective manner. Decisive responsibility of the body is the concern about the qualitative health aspects. In this setting, the governing body is given internal structures and resources, along with a staff that provides assistance in this direction. The governing body for a healthcare organization has the legal responsibility for safety and quality aspects, not just an obligation (Governing body).

    Governing body that directs the operations of the healthcare organization is suitable for the organizational goals attainment. In general, the governing body that maintains accepted standards of patient care services and professional practice in the healthcare organization is most appropriate for the organizational functions. Moreover, the governing body that is legally accountable for the quality of healthcare services, for the behavior and obligations of the healthcare organization, is also desirable for the organization.

    Organized governing body is responsible for the effective functioning of the healthcare organization, so it should be structured in an organized manner. With an organized governing body, it would be possible for the organization to manage the complex activities in a simple manner (Pozgar, 2006).

    //The most suitable governing body for the healthcare organization has been discussed. Moving to the next part of instructions, explanation about the mission, vision statement and culture of the organization is to be highlighted.//

    Mission and vision statement

    Mission of the organization is to deliver best healthcare services to the people.

    Vision of the organization is to promote healthy environment in the society by delivering best services to the people.

    Culture of the organization

    Organizational culture is a prominent feature of any healthcare organization that reflects the norms, beliefs, values and behavior. For ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 2986 words with references.