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Restructuring the US Health Care System

Could you please help with the following questions.

There have been many issues regarding the need to reform the financing and payment system of health care. Many different ideas have been tried and have failed.

a) How would you design a better health care system for the U.S. population?

b) Who would control the health care decisions?

c) Would everyone be required to join?

d) Who would control the costs of care?

e) If the government provided the care, would malpractice lawsuits increase?

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The interesting thing is that right now, there is a system in the US that somewhat resembles the projected plan. It is the Indian Health Service. It is free to anyone that has tribal membership. The quality of service is debatable, much because it is difficult to staff the facilities, due to the remoteness of many of the clinics and hospitals, whereby many of the staff just stay and work for three months at a time. Those that work, DO have medical training.

With the population at large, the day when only those who have insurance, a job or equivalent resource can be serviced and only those who end up in an emergency room are given attention(who have no benefits) has to come to an end. On the other hand, those like me, who are never sick, have ...

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Government involvement for US Health Care, malpractice lawsuits, decision-making and more details of a proposed health care system are discussed.