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Pros and Cons of health tax credits

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Summarize the arguments for implementing taxcredits. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the proposal? What recommendations would you make to change the proposal? What is the impact of the proposal if implemented?

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Tax credits would be beneficial for small business, retirees and according to the IRS, "This program was designed to provide tax credits and grants to small firms that show significant potential to produce new and cost-saving therapies, support U.S. jobs and increase U.S. competitiveness." The IRS published the names of the applicants whose projects were approved as required by law. The idea is good and giving something a try is better than looking for all the negatives about the plan. Those who choose to opt in can and those small companies that don't feel it will have value can decide not to participate.

Watertown Daily Times says, "Tax credit irks businesses." According the Nancy Madsen, 7-23-10, even though four-fifths of New York businesses will qualify for the credits, "local small businesses said that the rules don't encourage growth and that other provisions in the massive health care overhaul that passed in March will cost them."

John Arensmeyer, founder and chief executive officer of Small Business Majority, says "Health care is the single biggest issue facing small businesses in this country, In passing the tax credit, Congress sought to provide immediate benefits to small businesses starting this year."

According the Business Week, 8-26-10, David Lernman and Liz Smith state that, "Insurance brokers say response is low because the value of the benefit declines quickly for ...

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Arguments small business offers against the health credit tax is discussed, along with leading business commentary.