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    Components Within the Healthcare Industry

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    Name service components within the Healthcare Industry.

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    There are many different service components within the Healthcare system. Our course text identifies eleven of these service components that range from low-level components that require less advanced technologies and/or personnel, to high-level components that require advanced technologies and highly trained personnel. All of these systems are necessary to make our healthcare system complete. This being said, it is important to realize that these systems are different for each person in the way each person obtains care from these services. Economic standing dictates quality of care and ability to obtain care for many Americans from these services. This being said, I will discuss what I feel to be the most integral "basic" service components that I consider to be the most necessary to form a complete healthcare system. These include: Emergency medical services, Inpatient care for both single/limited and complex/multiple inpatient conditions, Long-term care, services for psychological/social conditions, rehabilitation services, dental services, and pharmaceutical services.

    The most important of the services, I feel, must be the emergency medical services. In any society this service is vital to immediate care that without would mean certain death for hundreds of thousands of people each year. The fact that economic status of the individual has little impact on the speed of care or quality of care from this service remains one of the best qualities of this country's healthcare system. This immediate high-quality attentive care saves thousands of lower-income persons from sub-par crucial immediate care. The problems arise in our healthcare system within the disorganized, confusing, and disconnected systems present following EMS care and getting other treatments.

    Inpatient care for both single/limited and complex/multiple inpatient conditions is vital in maintaining a viable healthcare system. Inpatient care is required for these individuals because without this inpatient environment many of these individuals would not be able to heal or even survive. This service allows for constant medical care for ...

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