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Keeping Tracks of Future Trends

One of the aspects of being visionary is looking at trends and being able to project your organization into the future. As a leader in health administration, how do you keep track of current (and future) trends affecting your organization? List three sources of such information and for each, identify one item of information acquired from that source, and how that information impacted or might impact the organization.

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Future trends in a health care organization can involve changes in multiple aspects of the organization. As a director of an organization that runs long term care facilities- assisted living facility and a skilled nursing facility- that being in close proximity facilitates transfer of patients from one to another, you would like to have membership and continue news feed in organization and associations like:

A) National Association of the support of long term care- Although a small association it can provide news alert on health care reform, information technology or reimbursement information. Their website link ...

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The solution describes ways to keep track of future trends in healthcare including three sources of truthworthy information and how the information from such sources can affect an organization.