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Thoughts and opinions of the health care reform act

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What is the purpose of the health care reform act?

What are your thoughts about this act?

Do you think it will solve the health care crisis or will it create more problems?

What needs to change in order to make this act an success?

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this is a 440 word essay on the health care reform act. This is based on individual opinion. This is not referenced work.

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The purpose of the Health Care Reform Act is to end abuses by insurance companies and to allow access to health care by all Americans. Also, the intention is to curb the rising costs of health care.

The act sounds good and even looks good on paper. I am not so sure that it will work and I still think the people that pay a mandatory tax for others health insurance will not suffer;( that is everyone that gets a paycheck). I have seen many young adults in the last 10 years go without health care coverage because they are to old to be on their parents policy and ...

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