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Literature Review in Health Care Reform

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I have to perform a literature review of 10 credible sources on the topic of health care reform. My selected institution is the hospital setting. Can you please help me to get started and provide 10 credible resources? Please helpto understand how it should be presented, the main topics of focus, etc.

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Here are some articles that you could use: (I have not provided all 10... you could look at the references used by some of these papers to look for other articles that are on similar topics)

1. Davidson, H., Folcarelli, P. H., Crawford, S., Duprat, L. & Clifford, J. C. (1997). The effects of health care reforms on job satisfaction and voluntary turnover among hospital based nurses. Medical Care 35(6):634-645.
2. Weiner, J. P. (1994). Forecasting the effects of health reform on US physician workforce requirement: Evidence from HMO staffing patterns. The Journal of the American Medical Association 272(3):222-230.
3. McCullough, J. S., Casey, M., Moscovice, I. & Prasad, S. (2010). The effect of health information technology on quality in US hospitals. Health Affairs 29(4):647-654.
4. Hartley, D., Quam, L. & Lurie, N. (1994). Urban and rural differences in health insurance and ...

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