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Health Reform legislation, as it relates to Florida

Read about your State at http://www.healthreform.gov/healthcarestatus.html and then discuss your thoughts regarding the need for health reform in your State.

I live in FL, but not familar with all this.

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Well, I think your assignment is calling for you to offer your opinion. The first issue noted in the document you include relates to the Small business tax credits. That comes with a lot of controversy. Since the release of that piece, many leading business publications and local newspapers have offered strong opposition to it, saying that there is no savings at all, in the end.

There is another portion, "An estimated 280,000 people from Florida retired before they were eligible for Medicare." Some might say, "well, then don't retire?!" or since Florida has the reputation of being a spot many people choose to retire, this could be a valuable initiative for the state, as to not drain the state economy. I have not read about opposition to it but naturally, those who are on a mission to control spending might raise concerns about the cost involved.

The big one is "Affordable insurance for uninsured with pre-existing conditions." All across the US this is a major issue. Those who ...

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Small business and other pros and cons of the US health reform law are discussed.