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Health Care Management

Charitable Hospital and the Advantages

Discuss the nature of the "charitable hospital" and the advantages an institution would have in being termed such. Find at least two charitable hospitals on the Internet and find similarities between the two. Be sure to include links to the websites so that your classmates can visit the sites as well.

Management Theories

What are management theories and how do they help or hinder the working atmosphere in the field of healthcare?

Healthcare Management Change and Diversity

Change and Diversity Use Online Library and appropriate Internet sites along with concepts and ideas from the text to support your findings and opinions in a two- to three-page Word document addressing the following: Explain how changing demographics are impacting patients and providers in the delivery of health care in th

Health Care Management: Records and Insurance

Please help with the following problems. 1. Describe an electronic health record and discuss how it can help decrease medical errors. 2. Describe the four major types of health insurance and identify which population groups are commonly covered by each.

Health Care Management - quality and strategic planning.

1. What is strategic planning and why is it an important tool in the health care industry? 2. Define the meaning of quality in the health care setting from both the provider and consumer perspective. Provide examples of poor quality of care and good quality care as experienced by you or someone you know and discuss how the l

Health Care Management - Government and Private Insurance

Government and Private Insurance Identify and discuss the various types of private and/or social insurance available in and through your state and local government. Relate the application of social insurance to consumers based on their social and economic status using the profiles listed below. For which demographic(s) do gap

Healthcare Management Current Research

Problem Definition ? Define the problem that needs to be addressed in the action plan in detail. ? Summarize current research on the problem in the industry. ? Describe how the problem affects the overall management of the department and delivery of care within and external to the department. Expected Outcomes ? Provide

Human Resource Management in Healthcare

Please help with the following problem: List three issues and environmental forces facing human resource management in the health care setting today. Cite their impact and identify at least two current initiatives being used to overcome them.


Read the article attached and answer the following question: Where does the government's NHIN strategy fall on the political and economic spectrum of alternative approaches to health care policy?

NHIN strategy with an article provided that shows the problems with adapting all the systems of receiving alternative care. The information is summarized at the end of the article provided

Where does the government's NHIN strategy fall on the political and economic spectrum of alternative approaches to health care policy?As for the political ramifications, I see these as the major roadblocks: Cost containment: Interoperable EMR systems have the potential to eliminate waste and duplication of effort, streamline

License Questions & Healthcare

A) What are ways that health care laws or regulations affect your health care organization or a healthcare organization with which you are familiar? B) What are the pros and cons of current state-by-state licensure versus a national licensure that has been discussed for health care professionals? C. Select and describe a f

Critical Issues Facing Health Care Systems

What do you believe are the five most critical issues facing the health care system in the United Sates today? Explain why you would feel this way. In order to help you formulate your response, the following four websites had a ot of information on this topic.: - American Medical Association. Retrieved from

Health care organization methods

Describe in detail what systems or methods your health care organization uses to provide efficient access and sharing of essential information. Are the systems or methods effective? If so, describe why they are effective. If not, then describe why they are not and what could be done to improve them. Of the technology systems d

Federal or state health care agency

Select and describe a federal or state health care agency. What is the individual provider, organizational, and community effect of the agency you selected? I need help with 200 to 300 words, please.

States Mandating Insurance Coverage versus Federally Funded Care

Should the states be in the business of mandating insurance coverage? Do these regulations make consumers better off or worse off? This is an opinion question. In this solution, I felt that the consumers would have a worse time of it if states had their own laws for coverage. This is a big point of contention in the US. U

The dominant health care practices of Jamaicans

â?¢ Describe the dominant health care practices of Jamaicans and any areas of conflict between the cultural group and the health care system along with the implications for nurses and the health care delivery system. â?¢ Analyze the usefulness of a cultural assessment theory and tool you for this assignment and describe i

Jamaican Culture Specific Health and Illness

Discuss specific health and illness needs of the Jamaicans. Use epidemiologic data to support this section along with data from your research on health problems of this cultural group. Discuss the management of health and illness needs. How does this cultural group manage their health and illness needs? How do they interact w

Three Major Concerns of Medical Care.

Students of health care administration need to understand the "three major concerns" of medical care. Great health care organizations and great health care systems address these three major concerns effectively and efficiently, but it is not easy. What are these three major concerns, and why is it so hard to get them all right a

Risk management plan summary

You have been asked by the hospital's Board of Director's to prepare a Risk Management Plan that will help to develop a culture of safety throughout Little Falls Hospital. The plan should address the National Patient Safety Goals and strategies to be implemented throughout the organization. Prepare a 750-word summary of the impo

Marketing for Health Care

What is your relationship with your target customer or patient? How would you evaluate the customer or patient in a new light from a marketing perspective?

Selection biases and the effects on HMOs

Please help with the following problem. Provide at least 300 words in the solution. Include a reference. Explain the problem presented by selection bias for research on the effects of HMOs.

Healthcare information systems

Give the description of 3 operating systems list below that can be used in health care delivery. Windows Unix Mac OS What are their advantage and disadvantage ? what benefits does one provide over the other? what are the pitfalls that a professional must be aware of?