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Affects of rising cost of heath

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How does the rising cost of healthcare effect each class of American society. What can Americans do to ensure that the climbing cost of healthcare remains affordable for everyone?

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Social stratification in American society is somewhat difficulty because we are such a "melting pot" of ethnicities, occupations and wealth. In the occupation class, we could put people in the unskilled, skilled and professional grouping. As for wealth, there may be the poor, middle-class and the rich. Although this lines are somewhat blurred, for the sake of healthcare, the classifications of wealth work well as examples for the effect of healthcare on the American society.

For most citizens, healthcare is based on the ability to acquire insurance of some kind to assist in payment for services. In the classification of poor, there are opportunities to receive Medicare and Medicaid are government insured healthcare plans that are used by many who are qualified are one of the areas that the government would like to decrease to lower the deficit (Carpenter, 2011). Medicaid is a program controlled by the states that allows medical allowances for low-income adults and their children. This fund also serves elderly people in nursing facilities that have used all of their resources. Medicaid was created as the Social Security Amendments of 1965 which established the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Medicare is the insurance program that enrolls around 44 million people.

This program was created in 1965 and signed into law by Lyndon Johnson. It is designed for elderly of certain age and disabled Americans. It pays up to certain amounts for medical and hospital expenses. Most of the Medicare options require co-pays (http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/info/medicare-medicaid/). Medicare and Medicaid are set to have some of the deepest cuts when the deficit reduction begins to take effect. Social programs such as those provided for lower income and children provided by Medicaid have no dollars being submitted such as Medicare and are one of the highest debts of the government debt today.

When referring to the poor, there are those who are classified as near poor. These are often uninsured Americans who for some reason do not have insurance. They may have lost their job or make just enough to not qualify for assistance. These people will not seek medical assistance until they are too sick and become patients ...

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