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Health Care Management

Shift to wellness and prevention healthcare system

How can the healthcare system be reformed in order to shift the focus from the disease-oriented health paradigm to one focused wellness and prevention. Discuss the role of nurses in the creation and sustaining of a new health paradigm; specifically discuss advanced practice nurses (APN).

Planning and Marketing

If I was developing a strategic plan for a hospital with 250 beds what are two customer-oriented elements that I would take into consideration when doing my marketing strategic plan. (Since this is healthcare my customers I think would be patients)

Trends and Issues in Today's Health Care: How a Bill Becomes a Law

How a Bill Becomes a Law 1) I have to make an interaction with the "How a Bill Becomes a Law" media piece. 2) View the "Bill to Law Process," and then "Find a Representative." 3) When finished watching the media piece, I have to complete the "Legislative Assignment." Literatures "Influencing Health Care in th

Human Resource Management

Explain the significance of human resource management and then identify and discuss the following: Factors that affect recruitment of "in demand" employees. How organizational restructuring has impacted staffing in healthcare organizations. Does decreasing the number of employees always save an organization/company money?

Models of Managed Health Care

Models of Managed Health Care Please help me with this. I would like someone who knows about the healthcare system. Must be original not copied. What are pros and cons for each model? What are some suggestions to strengthen the weaknesses of the each model? Thank you 1. Health Maintenance Organizations HMOs ar

Managed Care & Contractual Services

Discuss in what type of market situations (size, growth, trend, area, etc.) might each type of managed care plan (HMO, PPO, POS, etc.) be the preferred model? Why? Support your response with a detailed explanation and include two APA citations

Changes at Happy Trails Health Center

Changes at Happy Trails Health Center Case Study: Ms. Sippy Delta has just been promoted to manager of health information services at Happy Trails Health Center. A team of physicians, administrators, and department heads has decided to transform the culture of the organization into a quality-driven, patient-centered environme

Health information management department annual staff development

The department managers at a hospital and other healthcare facilities are often required to prepare annual staff development and education plans for their department which meets a leadership requirement of the Joint Commission standards. Cindy Carson is the new Director of Health Information Services at General Hospital. Her b

Trends and Issues in Today's Health Care

A. What is the impact to the nursing profession and to the public related to the projected nursing shortage? Please give me a discussion at least one way that the nursing profession is working toward a resolution of this problem. B. What is the role of health care reform in shifting the focus from a disease-oriented health ca

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010

How might the new federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 affect the revenue of the health care industry? Consider insurance companies, employers who provide health benefits, and other similar participants in health care

Health Level Seven Standards

Please help answer the following question. How do Health Level Seven (HL7) standards facilitate the sharing of clinical data?

Asses value of branding in health care

Need assistant; Assess the value of branding in health care. Specifically, under what circumstances do you feel that it is beneficial for health care organizations to use branding? Can the use of branding have unexpected negative consequences? Explain. Expectations; 1. Take a clear position on the central issues

ageism in the workplace Conduct a brief search on the topic of ageism in the workplace. â?¢ What evidence suggests that age discrimination exists in the United States workplace? Give specific examples of kinds of discrimination that exists. â?¢ Why do employers discriminate against older workers? â?¢ What are the common myths about the older worker, and how do these substantiate discrimination in the workplace?

Conduct a brief search on the topic of ageism in the workplace. â?¢ What evidence suggests that age discrimination exists in the United States workplace? Give specific examples of kinds of discrimination that exists. â?¢ Why do employers discriminate against older workers? â?¢ What are the common myths about the olde

Rationing, Informed Consent, and Autonomy-Beneficence Conflicts

Could you please explain these health care concepts: What is rationing (explicit and implicit), and what are some of the ways in which it occurs? What is informed consent and whose responsibility is it? What is meant by the autonomy-beneficence conflict? Thank you.

Profit vs. Non-Profit Marketing

Compare and contrast marketing techniques among for profit vs. non-profit organizations. Suppose that you are the manager of a start-up health care organization that previously had a for-profit structure, but has achieved non-profit status. Describe how you would change your marketing strategy.

Collection Agencies in Health Care

How long do you feel that a healthcare organization should work accounts internally before turning them over to a professional collection agency? Explain your answer. Is using collection agencies ethical in healthcare? Do you feel that health care organizations should charge interest on accounts owed to the hospital? Why o

Healthcare Systems: China and Singapore

1. What is the difference between Singapore and China in terms of their finance and organization? 2. What can China learn from Singapore? 3. What can Singapore learn from China?

Strategic Management for Healthcare

What is strategic management? What are some examples of business strategies in nursing or health care settings? How do leaders execute strategic management plans? What role might a nurse leader play in the implementation of strategic management plans?

Resources in a Health Care Setting

Which resources might be used in a nursing or health care settings to support an organization's strategic initiatives? How are decisions made to allocate these resources efficiently? When resource allocation decisions are made, who is responsible for the decisions' execution and evaluation? What happens when changes occur in fac

American Health Care System

In examining the health care systems in America: 1.) What is the definition of a health care system? 2.) What are the implications of beliefs and values on a health care system? 3.) What are some examples of the various models of health care delivery used in America? 4.) How does the health care system apply to models of t

Quality of Service and Safety of Patients

There are 20 major issues listed by the American Hospital Association. What do issues such as quality of service and improving the safety of patients present in ways of marketing-related opportunities to a healthcare-related organization?

Electroinc Health Record: Pro's and Con's

What are the pros, cons, advantages and disadvantages of linking each of the following to an Electronic Health Record (EHR): a. Physician PDA b. Laboratory information system (LIS) What is the role of a healthcare CIO? ( Also, give practical examples in healthcare organization if you have any.)

Implementation, Monitoring, Evaluating, and Adjusting

Discuss the role of monitoring, evaluating, and adjusting in the strategic planning process; Discuss some specific steps that can be used to accomplish these tasks; Discuss what the potential issues are if your organization does not do these things; Identify and discuss how a government healthcare organization accomp

Health Care Entities Practices and Challenges

Many different health care entities share some common practices and challenges. Which financial management practices and challenges do these professional organizations have in common: American Medical Association, American Nursing Association, American Hospital Association, American Health Care Association, and America's Health