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Summary of Articles Related to Healthcare Reform Efforts

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Please provide three articles related to healthcare reform efforts and analyze and summarize how the articles relate to the top three health care priorities.

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This solution provides three in-depth summaries of articles related to healthcare reform in the United States.

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Here are three articles on health care reform. - Dr. Susan

Managed Care Concept
Article: Rodwin, M. (2010). The metamorphosis of managed care: Implication for health reform internationally. Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics, 38, 352-64.
The central theme of this article is the challenge of physician entrepreneurship and the ability for patients to have a voice in their care. The managed care concept came into existence with the beginning of the Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs). Before managed care, a patient had the ability to move from one physician or healthcare system to another if they did not feel they were being treated to their satisfaction. Now, it is not that simple. The patient must work within their own HMO or pay extra fees for using a physician or hospital out of their system. The patient can change systems but if they work for a particular company that has a contract with an HMO, they have no choice but to pay.
The article suggests that since it has became more difficult to control the costs of medical treatments and consistencies of prices ...

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