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    Summary and Discussion of Medical Injury Compensation Reform Act

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    Just needed help on these review questions below to put me on the right track. Please use complete sentences and no copying and pasting from the internet (use own words). No references are needed.

    1. Briefly summarize MICRA in 1+ paragraphs (5 or more sentences).
    2. A patient complains that a physician performed a procedure different from the procedure for which the patient gave consent. Can the physician limit his liability under MICRA? (2+ paragraphs).

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    1. The Medical Injury Compensation Reform Act was enacted in California with the purpose of reducing the potential damages incurred by healthcare providers in malpractice suits. In turn, the premiums paid by healthcare providers for medical malpractice liability insurance would decrease. The benefits of lowered liability premiums would facilitate lowered cost and increased availability of healthcare services in general for the people of California.

    In simple terms, the line of thinking to endorse MICRA could be considered in the following way:

    - Lower the amount of money paid by healthcare providers in malpractice suits.

    - The cost of malpractice insurance will be lower for healthcare ...

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    This solution, consisting of 450 words, provides a general overview of the Medical Injury Compensation Reform Act (MICRA). Also included is a discussion focused on the ability of a physician to limit liability under MICRA when a patient complains that the wrong procedure was performed on their person. Two links are provided for a case study that is directly applicable to this discussion.