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Current Trends in Human Resources in Healthcare Organization

Please provide some comments, ideas, and suggestions on the impact of globalization on Human Resources Departments in healthcare organizations.

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Globalization has had a tremendous impact on human resources departments in healthcare organizations, largely due to the fact that globalization makes it necessary for human resources departments to hire individuals from different areas around the world in order to provide for the human resource needs of healthcare organizations. When healthcare organizations are functioning in other countries, it is very important for these organizations to develop a keen understanding of the human resources related laws of those particular countries, so that staff can be hired and utilized in a manner that is commensurate with the legal systems of those particular nations. It is also important for human resources departments to become very familiar with the norms and mores of the countries in which their healthcare organizations are functioning. This knowledge will help these healthcare organizations and their human resources departments assimilate better into their multinational environments, as well as help to ease the acclimation of foreign employees into the organizational practices of the healthcare organizations. Without a full working knowledge of the norms and mores of the individuals within the foreign countries in which ...