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Health Care Conflict Management

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Part 1: What types of skills do you believe managers need to possess in order to successfully manage conflict in an organization? Which of these skills do you possess? What might be your greatest weakness as a conflict resolver? What can you do to strengthen your weak areas?

Part 2: You work at a hospital that outsources its meal preparation for its patients. The current company's contract is expiring in two months, and you have been placed in charge of a team that will decide whether the current company will be retained or a new company will be chosen. The team has narrowed the choices down to three but cannot agree on which one choose. The team has started arguing and not listening to one another, and a decision must be made within a week. What would be the best way to handle this type of conflict, and why would this be the best way?

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1) In order to successfully manage conflict in an organization, managers need to possess the skill of being able to quickly assess the situation in order to formulate the most effective resolution for the conflict. Managers must also be able to develop a keen understanding of the opposing viewpoints involved with the conflict, in order to resolve the situation in a fair and just ...

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