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Insurance and Healthcare and Legal Systems

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How do our current healthcare and legal systems impact the cost of insurance?

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The reasons for the high premium cost of health insurance in the United States are multifaceted, but they have much to do with how our current health care system is run and the legal systems that are in place in regards to health care and health insurance policies.
Our current health care system does not rely upon electronic health records, largely because individuals fear the records will be used to increase insurance rates or even to deny coverage altogether. However, without electronic records, doctors have no way of knowing how a patient has been diagnosed and treated in the past. As a result, the doctor will oftentimes order repeat tests and write prescriptions for medications that have already been proven ineffective. The outcome is a system routinely filled with inefficiencies and replication of efforts. This causes healthcare to be more expensive than it would be if health records were made to be electronically available, because it would prevent the administration of tests that had been given previously as well as the administration of ineffective (and costly) treatment.

The current healthcare system is also, sadly, corrupt with greed. Doctors and hospitals are paid not for curing their patients, but for the ...

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The solution discusses insurance and healthcare and legal systems.

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