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    The medical liability system

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    Please offer some insight about the medical liability system.

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    The medical liability system is one in which physicians and health care providers must
    provide compensation to patients who have been injured, due to medical negligence or to lack
    of medical competence. Typically, a physician in a private practice purchases his or her own
    medical liability insurance, while those associated with a medical center or other institution
    have the liability covered by the facility. Because liability insurance has become increasingly
    more expensive over time, many physicians drop out of private practice or out of medicine
    altogether. Others pass along the costs to patients, as much as possible, within the limits
    allowed by third party payers, like insurance companies. In addition, costs for health care
    are greater when physicians and medical practitioners order tests that are not necessary, as
    a precaution.

    The medical liability system is designed to ...

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    The medical liability system is characterized.