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Enhancement of Public Health in Developing Countries

What measures could be taken to enhance public health care in developing countries?

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First we need to understand the basic difference between the health care systems in developed and developing countries. In developed countries, there are systems in place to ensure health care delivery to the underprivileged communities like state owned health care delivery of NHS in UK or managed care services offered by health insurance firms as in the US. In many developing nations health care is provided by the government and private sector. Health insurance system is not established and is only for the elites. The sorry state of the public sector is greatly impacting the overall experience of the people. The private sector as expected focuses more on profit making.

Communicable diseases and women health are being funded in part by developed countries through WHO but even these programs are generating very modest results. And this failure is multifactorial. There is corruption from top to the bottom of the chain. Funds are not used properly and then fake reports are cooked up to satisfy official needs. In addition to this perpetual corruption extreme poverty of masses makes the matters more complex. This poverty not only excludes people from the benefits ...

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An enhancement of public health in developing countries is examined.