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Water Quality Affects on Health

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In many less industrialized parts of the world, diseases from inadequate water supply and water contamination are a major cause of morbidity and mortality.

1) Describe how water quality is linked to public health, in general.

2) Compare the concerns with water quality AND water quantity in the United States with these concerns in a typical developing country.

3) Illustrate your paper with a description of water quality and quantity issues of a given developing country or a community in a developing country.

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Water pollution is a global problem that varies in magnitude and type of pollutant from one region to another. In many locations especially developing countries, the main water pollution issue is lack of disease-free drinking water.

Release of sewage into water causes several pollution problems; many are extremely harmful to humans. Disease-causing agents are infectious organisms that cause diseases; they come from ...

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Insufficient staff and lack of funds prevent well intended government agencies from effectively monitoring and enforcing environmental laws such as the safe drinking water act. The results of doing nothing can be devastating to human health. Developing countries have major problem with water pollution. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency makes an effort to coordinate the laws, but contamination still occurs.