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Health care organization methods

Describe in detail what systems or methods your health care organization uses to provide efficient access and sharing of essential information. Are the systems or methods effective? If so, describe why they are effective. If not, then describe why they are not and what could be done to improve them.
Of the technology systems discussed, which one do you feel is the most important to your organization? Why?

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Health Care Organization

Methods used to provide efficient access and sharing of information:

This organization uses oracle healthcare transaction base which encourages continuity of care by securing exchange of health care data that is usable o enable a continuity of care on records so as to improve clinical decisions. It also delivers a secure integrated system that supports the broad range of financial, clinical and administrative processes in the organization. It provides patients with a portal that enables them to be active participants in their own health care by interacting with their electronic healthcare record (Oracle Healthcare Transaction Base, n.d).

The organization also uses team creativity to share information. Cooperation from managers and staff may be obtained by simply stating or asking for information. Leaders can model their expectations and cooperation by frequently and openly sharing information. The organization takes responsibility for departmental decisions and also asks employees to work in teams. Meetings are also organized between departmental leaders and staff and ideas and reactions are solicited from staff to modify the original plan (Manion, Lorimer & Leander, 1996).

The other methods used are the administrative information, customer satisfaction information, patient-care information and scientific and technical ...

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Health care organization methods are examined.