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Pharmacy Benefits: a basic problem in healthcare

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Explain how pharmacy benefits have become the problem child of healthcare coverage.

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Health care plans have divided coverage in sections that allow an employer to negotiate and acquire the coverage that is essential for his/her employees. A section that is directly affected by the economic status of the organization looking for health care coverage is the drug benefit coverage. High cost of medications and increase usage has raised the cost of drug coverage. According to the Pharmacy Benefit Management Institute (2011) employees with tight budgets are reducing to a minimum drug benefit coverage, increasing specialty drugs co-pays, and using a four-tier plan design. This decisione brings discomfort to the employee and other people covered under the health plan, as they can't understand or are confused ...

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The solution includes a discussion on the main reason why pharmacy benefits are a basic problem in healthcare, the practical approached that have been established, and the need for reaching more coherent practices.

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