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Product Management

Restructuring of business

When can restructuring be seen as a positive corporate strategic move? Explain how shareholder value is created through restructuring. Give reasons and examples Need about 2 pages

Compare and Contrast Marketing: USA and China

Please assist - Select a country other than one in North America. 1,060+ word count in which you compare and contrast marketing in your selected country and in the United States. - In your comparison, analyze the marketing environments of each country including, but not limited to, cultural, political, legal, and economic inf


I need help in starting the paper to address the below topics. Evaluate the compensation plan available at Time Warner. The evaluation should discuss the strategic successes and failures of the compensation with regard to the following topics: 1. The strategic value of the plan as a source of competitive advantage 2. The int

Product Launch

Product - Kudler Fine Foods Domestic - Japan International - France Develop a product launch plan for the above two markets. Each topic should consists of at least 250 words each - total of 750 words. * Market Needs * The competition * Marketing objectives and marketing strategy Thanking you in adva

Marketing Plan: Starbucks

Based on the product or service you selected for your Marketing Plan: Phase I Paper, prepare a 1,400-1,750-word paper in which you address the following: I need help with the following: 275-300 words with references, please. Describe the organizational buyers and consumers of your product or service and the factors that in

Foreign Manufacturing and Consumer Concern

1. What percentage of U.S toys are produced by foreign manufacturers? Why might this be a problem? 2. What two consumer concerns drove severak massive toy recalls? Adapted from "U.S. toy makers are on a roll" by Rachel Konrad (Associated Press), Houston Chronicle, October 10, 2007, pp. D1 and D5.

Identical Products from Different Companies

You will have to look at three identical products or services produced by three different companies. Take the time to review these products and their prices. What are the differences between the prices among the products and services as well as companies? What do you think is the rationale for this price difference? (Please use

Pricing and Market Segmentation

Both Swing Manufacturing and Steady Manufacturing operate in the widget industry, but with radically different cost structures. Swing is a capital-intensive, automated manufacturer, while Steady is a labor-intensive "job-shop." Monthly operating data are as follows: Swing Manufacturing Steady Manufacturing Sales 5,000

Customized Pricing

Develop pro and con arguments with respect to customized pricing. What are the differences in implementing the policy across different product types, for example, B-to-B, consumer durable, consumer frequently purchased, and services? Discuss.

Pricing Objectives and Strategy

The AI Brainstorming Conference topic for this week is pricing strategy: a component of the marketing mix. Consider the Mission, Objectives, Target Market, Competition, Core Strategy, and Communications & Promotions when making a decision on how pricing will be determined. 1.Provide a quick overview of the product or service (

A Discussion Regarding Competitive Pricing

In some markets and industries, a manufacturer's pricing has to conform to that of its competitors. In these circumstances, companies release pricing at competitive parity, relying instead on cost efficiencies to help them generate profit. Write a response explaining the concept of competitive pricing, with examples to illustra

New Product Development

You are working in the product development department of a company that creates household products. Your team has come up with an idea for a revolutionary new cleaning product. Using the seven phases of new product development as a guide, describe how your company will develop the new product.

Make or Buy, Sunshine State Fruit Company, Choice of Products, Ibunez Tool Company, Joint Products: Sell or Process Further, Mussina Chemical Company, Dropping a Product Line Hambley's Toy Store is on Regent Street in London

6-A1, 6-A2, 6-A3, and 6-B3 6-A1 Make or Buy Sunshine State Fruit Company sells premium-quality oranges and other citrus fruits by mail order. Protecting the fruit during shipping is important so the company has designed and produces shipping boxes. The annual cost to make 80,000 boxes is Materials 120,000 Labor

Price and Place

Can you help me get started with this assignment? 1. What channel strategy (direct or indirect) would you use to achieve the ideal market exposure if you were developing the place plan for your product/service and target market. What is the ideal market exposure for this product/service? What is your rationale for these recom

Marketing Research for Target Corp. for reusable shopping bags

The product is reusable bags for the Target Corporation. The bags will be sold for 99 cents and when the bags are no longer usable then they can be exchanged for educational reward points. Marketing research a.Consumer analysis 1)Demographics 2)Psychographics 3)Behaviors (e.g. purchase behaviors) 4)Geographical consid

Promotional Strategy for a Toyota Corolla; design public relations strategy

For this project, define a comprehensive promotional strategy for your product or service that includes the following components: Create a sales promotion strategy for your product - Toyota Corolla. Design a public relations strategy that you will follow before, during, and after the launch. Outline the advertisement t

Pricing Strategies for New Products

There are two basic pricing strategies that an organization can utilize for introducing new products. The first strategy is Market Skimming, which involves a product being released at a high price with the cost to consumers becoming progressively less expensive the longer a product is available in a market place. The second stra

13-21 Shelby Co: compute contribution margin

Shelby Company produces three products: product X, product Y, and product Z. Data concerning the three products follow (per unit): Product X Product Y Product Z Selling price $ 85 $ 65 $ 75 Less variable expenses:

Describe how to position products and services compared to the competition.

Describe how to position products and services compared to the competition. Discuss the implications of the societal marketing concept. 1-Given the trend in obesity among American consumers, which industries stand to benefit the most? Why? 2-How would you use the information on whom Americans trust for marketing purposes?

Create and Market Salsa

Determine : 1) the name of the product, 2) the target market demographics, 3) the Unique Selling Properties, 4) any special / unique packaging, 5) whether you're rolling it out locally, regionally or nationally and where. 6) Will you have a spokesperson?.Who will you choose? Determine a promotional budget and if you hav

The Innovator's Dilemma

A while back, I read "The Innovator's Dilemma" by Clayton M. Christensen. This book is very interesting in that it describes how an established company can be "beat" by an upstart when there is a technology shift (or disruptive technology) in a market. The thesis is that an existing company will be so focused on keeping

The five factors that differentiate a product from a service

Pick one below and only one that you think is the most important when considering differentiation in healthcare marketing. Please give rationale for your choice. Intangibility - Services differ from products in that a service is not concrete. A service cannot be felt, touched, or heard before the service is experienced. Inc

PR Campaign and Product Management

Riordan Manufacturing is a global plastics manufacturer employing 550 people with projected annual earnings of $46 million. The company is wholly owned by Riordan Industries, a Fortune 1000 enterprise with revenues in excess of $1 billion. Its products include plastic beverage containers produced at its plant in Albany, Geor

Special Events Proposal

Select an appropriate special event to support a sales promotion for a local upscale specialty food store. In your proposal be sure to address the following: Select a product and a type of sales promotion (e.g. coupons, premiums, contests) for your selected product. Select an appropriate special event to maximize the effect

Gauging Success of Products

What metrics do you think are required to track implementation and product performance for a new product? Why? How does one gauge the success of the product once it has entered the market? How do you obtain an accurate read on how the customer views the product?

Publicity for Product Promotion

A new product (you pick the product) will launch shortly; now its time for you to create a powerful publicity event to support the product's launch. Publicity can take many forms, so let's see what you've got in your bag of tricks (not a big-scale plan, a few tactical activities). Please share with the class your ideas for an ef