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    Product Management

    Report outlining advantages and disadvantages of private label products

    I have a chain of grocery stores. In those stores I carry manufacturer's brands of paper goods, such as Bounty paper towels, Charmin bathroom tissue, Kleenex facial tissues, etc. I have been thinking of having my own private label brand of paper goods to sell in the store, such as Keith's paper towels and Keith's facial tissue

    Cola Wars: Coca-Cola vs. Pepsi

    Discuss Coke and Pepsi`s current situation. Discuss how Coke has been a leader in the cola wars and Pepsi a follower. Discuss the direction of the cola industry in the 21 century.

    Importance of Marketing Research and Competitive Intelligence

    See the attachment. Justify the importance of marketing research in the development of Kudler Fine Food's marketing strategy and tactics, and identify the areas where additional market research is needed. Analyze the importance of competitive intelligence and analysis in regards to the development of Kudler Fine Food's m

    Implementation and Standardization Strategies

    1) Discuss which models of consumer behavior might be used to examine buyers in local markets and the importance of considering cultural elements to apply these models effectively. 2) Describe the difference between localization, adaptation and standardization of a global product or service.


    1. Wal-Mart stores are everywhere, or at least it seems so. You are manufacturing a consumer product and you want to get it out to the marketplace. Why would you want to do business with Wal-Mart to market your product? Why would you choose to use a different retail outlet? 2. One of the biggest problems in using distrib

    Response to marketing in a bad economy

    The United States is experiencing inflation, increased unemployment, and escalating gas prices. A 71-year-old food company is associated with hard times, and as the economy heads downward, the product bucks the cycle and enjoys sales increases. During the down economy, marketers are experimenting with various tactics to entic

    Coca-Cola and Pepsico - Competitive Strategy

    Consider Coca-Cola and Pepsico, two successful companies that compete with each other. Discuss some competitive strategies each company can adopt, and some specific actions needed to support those strategies.

    Difference Between Product Layout and Process Layout

    What is the difference between product layout and process layout? Which product and process layout represents your organization's current layout? Is the product and process layout appropriate? What challenges have been faced as a result of the current layout?

    Advertising to Sales Promotion Ratio Explained

    A decade ago, the advertising-to-sales promotion ratio was about 60:40. Today, in many consumer-packaged-goods companies sales promotion accounts for 75 percent of the combined budget. Several factors contribute to this rapid growth. List and explain these factors.


    Edward Smeets is the new sales manager for Grunwald Instrumentation. He has just come aboard to head up a sales force of seventy sales professionals, all of whom possess at least a B.S. in a scientific field. Many have Master's Degrees. Smeet's sales reps sell highly complex instrumentation systems that are used to analyze a

    Ethical Implications of a Selected Marketed Product or Service

    Ethics and social responsibility are extremely important in marketing today. Pick a product or service currently marketed that "bothers" you. Discuss what you think to be the ethical implications of the product's or service's introduction into the market place. Discuss what you would do (or change) if you were the marketin

    Marketing Hurting Product Sales

    We have all discussed when and how marketing can help and improve sales. When can marketing hurt product sales? Can you think of an example of when this may have happened?

    Product Positioning and Marketing Mix

    What is product positioning? Give an example of how each of the four components of the marketing mix could be used to position a new minivan for the well educated, young, middle income family with two or more children.

    Prestige Pricing and distribution

    Could a retailer charge a prestige price for a convenience product and please provide an example. Does a decision to use prestige pricing affect how a product is distributed?

    Adjusting prices of a product

    Identify and explain four ways marketing managers adjust the basic list price for consumer products. Why do marketing managers make these adjustments?

    Restructuring of business

    When can restructuring be seen as a positive corporate strategic move? Explain how shareholder value is created through restructuring. Give reasons and examples Need about 2 pages

    Compare and Contrast Marketing: USA and China

    Please assist - Select a country other than one in North America. 1,060+ word count in which you compare and contrast marketing in your selected country and in the United States. - In your comparison, analyze the marketing environments of each country including, but not limited to, cultural, political, legal, and economic inf


    I need help in starting the paper to address the below topics. Evaluate the compensation plan available at Time Warner. The evaluation should discuss the strategic successes and failures of the compensation with regard to the following topics: 1. The strategic value of the plan as a source of competitive advantage 2. The int

    Product Launch

    Product - Kudler Fine Foods Domestic - Japan International - France Develop a product launch plan for the above two markets. Each topic should consists of at least 250 words each - total of 750 words. * Market Needs * The competition * Marketing objectives and marketing strategy Thanking you in adva

    Marketing Plan: Starbucks

    Based on the product or service you selected for your Marketing Plan: Phase I Paper, prepare a 1,400-1,750-word paper in which you address the following: I need help with the following: 275-300 words with references, please. Describe the organizational buyers and consumers of your product or service and the factors that in

    Foreign Manufacturing and Consumer Concern

    1. What percentage of U.S toys are produced by foreign manufacturers? Why might this be a problem? 2. What two consumer concerns drove severak massive toy recalls? Adapted from "U.S. toy makers are on a roll" by Rachel Konrad (Associated Press), Houston Chronicle, October 10, 2007, pp. D1 and D5.

    Identical Products from Different Companies

    You will have to look at three identical products or services produced by three different companies. Take the time to review these products and their prices. What are the differences between the prices among the products and services as well as companies? What do you think is the rationale for this price difference? (Please use

    Business & Society

    There are four Ps in marketing. These are Price, Product, Promotion, and Place. Choose a product or service with which you are familiar. Describe the product or service. Then, in your own words, describe the 4-P decisions which would be important when marketing this product. Please submit your assignment of 2-3 pages in APA f

    Product Quality

    Starbucks latte would be a much higher quality at Madonald's. At Starbucks you are also paying for service and experience of having somewhere to relax with a book or meet up with some friends. Mcdonald's doesn't provide that type pf atmosphere. Explain.

    Pricing and Market Segmentation

    Both Swing Manufacturing and Steady Manufacturing operate in the widget industry, but with radically different cost structures. Swing is a capital-intensive, automated manufacturer, while Steady is a labor-intensive "job-shop." Monthly operating data are as follows: Swing Manufacturing Steady Manufacturing Sales 5,000

    Customized Pricing

    Develop pro and con arguments with respect to customized pricing. What are the differences in implementing the policy across different product types, for example, B-to-B, consumer durable, consumer frequently purchased, and services? Discuss.

    Pricing Objectives and Strategy

    The AI Brainstorming Conference topic for this week is pricing strategy: a component of the marketing mix. Consider the Mission, Objectives, Target Market, Competition, Core Strategy, and Communications & Promotions when making a decision on how pricing will be determined. 1.Provide a quick overview of the product or service (

    A Discussion Regarding Competitive Pricing

    In some markets and industries, a manufacturer's pricing has to conform to that of its competitors. In these circumstances, companies release pricing at competitive parity, relying instead on cost efficiencies to help them generate profit. Write a response explaining the concept of competitive pricing, with examples to illustra