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    Product Management

    Ricketts Heating and Air

    You have been asked to give a brief lecture on "Positioning Errors to Avoid" for a local Chamber of Commerce luncheon. Provide a brief summary of your lecture. In your lecture be sure to give specific examples, other than those indicated in the textbook, of known service companies avoiding or falling prey to "positioning errors"

    Marketing Rollerblades

    1. What trends in the environmental forces (social, economic, technological, competitive, and regulatory) identified in Figure 1-3 on page three of the attachment (a) work for and (b) work against Rollerblade's potential growth in the twenty-first century? 2. Compare the marketing goals for Rollerblade (a) in 1986 when Ro

    Managing and Delivering Marketing Programs: People's Bank & Peoples.com

    As mentioned earlier, Peoples Bank, based in Connecticut, uses its web site as a key channel for reaching individuals, business customers, and prospects. Not only can customers e-mail the bank with questions, they can click on a link to have a bank representative call them with further information or choose another link if they


    How have the following companies differentiated their product/service offering? Pick two and provide your answer. â?¢ Southwest Airlines vs. JetBlue â?¢ Budweiser vs. Coors â?¢ Lowes vs. Home Depot â?¢ Subway vs. Quesnos â?¢ Dell PC's vs HP PC's

    Heinz Ketchup: Brand Strategies

    Consider Heinz Ketchup 1. What types of strategies has the brand undertaken over the years to maintain and extend its appeal to the consumer? Please respond with an explanation of the types of strategies in a timeline format. 2. As a conclusion, explain how the company research may or may not have helped you better understa

    Yum Brands Adapts to Marketing in China

    Market Adaptation Using the Electronic Reserved Readings, the Internet, or other resources locate an article that discusses how a company has adapted its marketing strategy to meet the challenges of marketing internationally. a. Describe the company's adaptation b. Evaluate the adaptation's success c. Identify areas in

    Resources and budgeting

    Please answer the following. Limit answers to no more than 75 words. What does optimizing resources mean in the context of project management, particularly if I have to share resources with others? How important is the development of a realistic project budget, and what is the function of the contingency factor in devel

    Marketing Project Implementation

    Identify the specific metrics that one can use to measure internal marketing project implementation across cross-functional groups, departments, and suppliers (delivery, timing, etc.)

    Discussion question

    The product is Kleenex tissue: describe an appropriate promotion blend to get it to market. Assume its a large company producing the product and fully justify your response.

    Marketing exercise

    Pinquitos (tiny pink beans) seasoned with garlic and herbs have long been a favorite dish at ranches around Santa Maria, California. Susan Righettis decided to market this traditional treat nationally under the brand name Susie Q. She sells a package of dried pinquitos beans and a dehydrated seasoning mix to use when cooking. Di

    Marketing exercise

    Rick Greene has established a new company to sell lawn and garden products nationwide. He sees three distinct target audiences for his company's products. Those three audiences are hardware stores, plant nurseries, and landscaping companies. Which of the four basic sales force structures should he use? Why? Discuss the advantage

    Marketing exercise

    When motivating channel members, a manufacturer has several sources of power from which to draw. List those sources of power and give an example of how each can be used. Kotler, P. (2003). Marketing Management, 11/E. Prentice Hall. Chapters 17, 18, and 19, Pages 503-588. MBA

    Marketing exercise - the optimum length for a product line

    How does a product-line manager arrive at the optimum length for a product line? Briefly describe the strategies that can be used to create a product line with the optimum length. Kotler, P. (2003). Marketing Management, 11/E. Prentice Hall. Chapters 14, 15, and 16, Pages 406-502. MBA

    Marketing exercise

    Explain the five stages that adopters of new products move through. Then consider the following scenario: Markus comes back to his dorm room from a night out shooting pool and is excited about a new brand of rye beer he heard about. He thinks it sounds interesting. His roommate, Paul, tells him the brand name is Redhook Rye and

    Marketing exercise

    Imagine you are a salesperson for a company that sells office supplies to buyers in different buying situations. Briefly develop three scenarios that illustrate each of the three situations. Kotler, P. (2003). Marketing Management, 11/E. Prentice Hall. Chapters 8,9, and 10, Pages 215-306. LEVEL - MBA

    Price Comparison

    "Select a common household product or service. Then select three different organizations that provide your selected product or service and compare the prices associated with your selected product or service. What is the difference between prices of each and what is the rationale?" What strategies are being used? An example ca

    Discussion question

    Can you help me with this assignment? Merchants use a variety of methods to determine the price of their products. Describe a store and product for each of the pricing methods listed below and whether you consider it to be effective. a. Referencing pricing b. Leader pricing c. Psychological pricing d. Odd-End prici


    How has the Internet affected price considerations? Please provide examples.


    P.1 The AI Brainstorming Conference topic for this week is pricing strategy (another element in the Marketing Mix). How do you set a price for your product or service? In five to six paragraphs: 1. Based on the strategies of the other three marketing mix elements, explain what pricing objectives you would consider. 2.

    Marketing Research

    P.1 As the AI Brainstorming Conference moves into its second week, it is time to begin developing a Comprehensive Strategic Marketing Plan. The first two components of such a plan are your Objectives and Product Services & Features. In five to six paragraphs: 1. State your objectives for the short term (one year). This se

    Marketing strategies

    You are the product manager for Joey biodegradable garbage bags, which will replace the current drawstring heavy duty plastic bag currently used by your market. please outline all the necessary steps in formulating the branding strategy. (Be as specific as possible)