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Product Management

Marketing exercise

Imagine you are a salesperson for a company that sells office supplies to buyers in different buying situations. Briefly develop three scenarios that illustrate each of the three situations. Kotler, P. (2003). Marketing Management, 11/E. Prentice Hall. Chapters 8,9, and 10, Pages 215-306. LEVEL - MBA

Discussion question

Can you help me with this assignment? Merchants use a variety of methods to determine the price of their products. Describe a store and product for each of the pricing methods listed below and whether you consider it to be effective. a. Referencing pricing b. Leader pricing c. Psychological pricing d. Odd-End prici

Marketing strategies

You are the product manager for Joey biodegradable garbage bags, which will replace the current drawstring heavy duty plastic bag currently used by your market. please outline all the necessary steps in formulating the branding strategy. (Be as specific as possible)

Project Management - New Ideas to Be Successful

Do companies necessarily need to come up with something new, unique, innovative and superior in order to be successful? Does you agree with this statement? "you've got something new, why in the world would you ever want to be less than first to market with it? You'll lose your uniqueness that way. "

Product dimension/design parameters

I have been hired by Furniture Company as a marketing consultant. The company is based in the U.S. and manufactures a line of home furnishings, specially chairs, sofas, love seats, and reclining chairs. The company strategy is to focus on the U.S. market only. The company manufactures the furniture in three plants spread acro

Merchandising strategy

Retail store operations include, among other things, developing a merchandising strategy, store layout and atmospherics, store sales force staffing, and customer service operations. Do you think that a company like Best Buy will maximize sales if it "customizes" stores, based on the demographics of the local area, to fit a parti


LO1 - 3) What is merchandise presentation and how does it impat sales? LO2- 9) Identify the four main types of store layouts, discussing their differents and impact on customers? LO3 - 11) Discuss the different uses of bulk or capacity fixtures and feature fixtures. LO4- 14) What are the goals of interior and exterior

Product policy, crm, distribution channels

Please provide guidance and reference so I can develop the last part of my strategic marketing plan. Information is based on the following statement. The conference has come to an end. Your complete Strategic Marketing Plan is now due. Add the following components to create your final plan: Product Policy Channels of Di

Pricing Strategy in online tutoring

Please provide guidance and possible sources that will help me develop my pricing strategy for my marketing plan. This is based on the Internet Tutoring services. Based on the strategies of the other three marketing mix elements, explain what pricing objectives you would consider. identify the pricing objectives you ultima

Cumulative depreciation

If five years ago, a company purchased a machine for $30,000. The machine is being depreciated over a ten-year useful life, using straight-line depreciation. Cumulative depreciation is $15,000. The current net book value is $15,000 and the current market value is $18,000. The original purchase price of $30,000 be: a. a p

Product Development Process: Marketplaces

In an attempt to learn more about the product development process I have prepared the following hypothetical scenarios. Please provide a unique response based upon your experience/expertise in this field as it will provide a strong foundation upon which I will build my understanding of product development. Please either crea

Sales channel for Tiffany and Company

Questions: Select a product and research it. Provide a presentation of the channels that are used to deliver it to the end-user. Consider the following: ? Which channels mentioned do you think are most efficient and why? ? Should the company consider discontinuing or adding channels to its strategy? Explain. Answer:

How is the development of a service different than a physical good (product)?

How is the development of a service different than a physical good (product)? What changes might be made to the process? Are there any additional steps that would be added to development phases? Consider additional processes that must be in place for a new service to be implemented effectively. Please be detailed in your insi


Pricing a product higher may generate more sales because of the perceived higher quality. Do you agree or disagree? Explain...

Contribution Margin; Sunk, Average, Incremental and Fixed Costs; Joint Products

36. A decision to discontinue a given product on the basis of contribution margin data should include consideration of the probable impact of the discontinuance on the sales of other products. a. True b. False 37. Which of the following types of cost is always relevant to a decision? a. Sunk costs. b. Average costs. c. I


People differ in their readiness to adopt or try new products. Take each of the five adopter groups and give a synonym or brief description of each primary characteristic that sets each particular group apart from the others.