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Simulation: Channel Distribution and Pricing

Run the "Channel Development and Pricing" simulation, keeping the following questions in mind:
a. What results did you obtain?
b. What key marketing concepts and principles did you employ to achieve those results?
c. How will you apply the lessons you have learned in your Marketing Audit? Be sure to keep track of your results and give these questions serious consideration.

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a. What results did you obtain?
Results obtained:
The first year:
Select Angelica Associates, Choose re-seller mix of 15 retailers, 15 PC stores and 5 PC superstores and retailers and the notebook computer should be priced at $945.
The second year results: Gave the distributor a margin of 6.6%, gave a re-seller margin of 9.8% and offering a free printer to every 50th customer.
The third year results: Offer an introductory price of $260, effective price in bundled offering $200 and the price for present Add notebook owners ...

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